2021-2022 Critical Care Fellowship

Critical Care Fellowship 


Name: Usman Naqvi M.D, M.S
Hometown: Elmont, NY
Medical school: Saba University School of Medicine
Residency: Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
Hobbies/fun facts: Gym/fitness, traveling, Sports, Video Games
Why Stony Brook: I have always loved Stony Brook as an institution. I received my bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University and it was my dream to obtain clinical training from Stony Brook Hospital. Quality of training combined with excellent place to live makes it an ideal place for me to learn and train. 

Yasnowski Name: Frank Yasnowski, M.D.
: Solon, Ohio
Medical School: LECOM
Residency: Lower Bucks Hospital
Hobbies: bodybuilding, powerlifting, Brazilian jiu jitsu, guitar, art
Why Stony Brook: Very knowledgeable and supportive faculty, good learning environment providing ample clinical experience and procedural exposure.