Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program

Why Choose Stony Brook for your Residency or Fellowship?
The one-year fellowship in Sleep Medicine at Stony Brook University is a comprehensive sub-specialty program designed to produce outstanding Sleep Medicine physicians. The fellowship provides broad exposure to a spectrum of problems in clinical Sleep Medicine, as well as an opportunity to participate in ongoing faculty investigations. The faculty is diverse, with particular strength in pediatric Sleep Medicine; sleep disorders among veterans and the relationship between sleep disordered breathing, somatic syndromes and affective disorders. Fellows gain practical expertise in patient management, are encouraged to participate in ongoing research and participate fully in conferences and teaching activities.

Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University provides ambulatory care sleep clinics at Stony Brook University Sleep Disorders Center and the Veterans Affairs Sleep Disorders Center at Northport with administrative and technical supporting staffs. Faculty members are based at each location.


  • A Uniform Structure to the Academic Year
    Fellows have a weekly schedule that is maintained throughout the year that incorporates adult and pediatric Sleep Medicine in the University and Veterans Affairs Sleep Disorders Centers and that provides free time for self-study and research. When compared to rotating through blocks of varying clinical experiences (adult, pediatric, VA), the Sleep Medicine fellows benefit by receiving an entire year’s exposure to each experience as they gradually increase their knowledge, confidence and independence managing sleep disorders.
  • A Focus on Research
    Much of the research in Sleep Medicine coming from Stony Brook University in the recent past has originated in Its clinical data. Our Sleep Medicine fellows find that every clinical encounter has the potential to generate a new question to investigate or another clinical observation for an ongoing inquiry!
  • Diverse Clinical Experience
    Our patients present with a full spectrum of sleep-related problems and our faculty treat sleep disordered breathing with a broader variety of treatment modalities than are utilized in most sleep disorders centers; including rapid palatal expansion and maxillomandibular advancement.
  • Picturesque, Safe, Family-friendly Environment
    The Suffolk County area is a beautiful, safe and secure environment in which to live and work.

Sleep Medicine Fellowship Schedule '20-'21:

Sleep Medicine Fellowship Schedule 20-21