Adam P. Rosebrock, PhD

Adam P. Rosebrock, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Member, Cancer Center
Room 140, Basic Science Tower L-9
Stony Brook School of Medicine
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8691

Tel: (631) 444-2171
Fax: (631) 444-3424

Research Summary:

Dr. Rosebrock’s research is focused on understanding the regulation of central carbon metabolism underlying cell growth and division. In the face of changing nutrient levels, temperature, oxygen availability, and internal cell state, cells must respond to maintain energy output, continue production of biopolymer precursors, and detoxify wastes.  These responses occur on a time scale far more rapid than possible simply by altering gene expression.  The Rosebrock lab is interested in identifying biochemical pathways that respond to changes to internal and external cell state, and to understanding how these responses are enacted -- whether through transcriptional regulation, posttranslational modification, or direct regulation of enzymatic activity.

The lab uses a combination of genetics, direct biochemical measurement, and extensive computational analysis to understand cellular biochemical state.  Genetic tools are used to build model systems with altered pathways and enzyme function, and the group develops and uses a range of mass spectrometry assays to measure biochemical contents and reaction rates of the cell.  The Rosebrock lab builds new algorithms to deal with the large amounts of data generated; the group is particularly interested in using “big data” approaches to uncover how distinct biochemical pathways are co-regulated, and to place newly discovered metabolites within greater biological context.


Institution and Location:
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN           B.S.      2001    Microbiology
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY       Ph.D.    2009    Molecular Genetics

Positions and Employment:
2009-2011        Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
2011-2014        Senior Research Associate, University of Toronto
2014-2016        Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
2016-present   Assistant Professor of Pathology, Stony Brook School of Medicine

Professional Memberships:
2014–present   American Society of Mass Spectrometry
2009-present   Genetics Society of America