Clinical Pathology

clinical pathology 

General Laboratory Information
University Hospital Laboratory Services encompasses all routine and main special laboratory tests.  The emphasis is on quality without sacrificing turnaround times.  Eleven pathologists and five PhDs are on staff to ensure the very best in consultative assistance and quality assurance. The scope of capability ranges from routine testing, customized if desired, to such esoteric areas as in situ gene identification, Fragile X, Factor V Leiden, advanced flow cytometry, for evaluation of hematologic disease and in situ hybridization with polymerase chain reaction for diagnosis of latent viral infection.  The laboratory professionals are capable of discrete testing optimized for diagnostic therapeutic and/or prognostic goals.

Clinical Laboratories
The laboratory is designed to handle special needs through several sections.  Click here for more information.

Medical Director for Clinical Pathology
Eric Spitzer, MD, PhD
University Hospital, Level 3
Phone:  (631) 444-2600
Fax:  (631) 444-2653
pathology information
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