Dr. Shroyer

Members of the Department of Pathology support of the tripartite missions of the School of Medicine, the Cancer Center, and Stony Brook University, to excel in clinical service, education, and research. Since our founding over forty years ago, our national leaders in academic Pathology have included Dr. Arthur Upton (former Director of the National Cancer Institute), Dr. Marvin Kuschner (the founding chair of the Department of Pathology and a pioneer in research of chemical carcinogenesis and cigarette smoking), Dr. Lauren Ackerman (author and founding editor of Ackerman's Surgical Pathology), Dr. Jorge Benach (discoverer of the etiologic agent of Lyme Disease and current interim Vice Dean for Research), and Dr. Martha Furie (former President of the American Society for Investigative Pathology, current Senior Editor of the American Journal of Pathology, and Director of Stony Brook University’s Graduate Program in Genetics). 

Members of our department are authorities in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, innovators in graduate student, medical student, and resident education, and they engage in high impact basic and translational cancer research. The department is both a basic science and clinical department and provides comprehensive service in all aspects of laboratory medicine, as well as in surgical pathology and cytopathology. Thus, our faculty members are bridging the gap from bench to bedside research with the goal of improving the effectiveness of clinical diagnosis and medical care for the citizens of New York and the broader community. Read More


The goal of the Stony Brook Medicine Department of Pathology Residency Training Program is to provide an excellent educational experience such that program graduates possess the knowledge, skill and attitude for the successful independent practice of pathology and for the life-long pursuit of learning. Our program provides comprehensive training in anatomic pathology (AP) and clinical pathology (CP), combined or individually, as well as in research and education. Read More

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