Research Flow Cytometry

About the Laboratory...
The Core facility laboratory is a nonprofit joint venture between Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University and University Hospital. It is directed by Dr. Hong Lin and supervised by Ms. Leombruno. The Laboratory is part of the Clinical Immunology Laboratories and is housed in University Hospital. The laboratory is equipped with, two FACS Caliburs and a three laser Cell Sorter, and a BD LSR Fortessa.

Core Facility Services:

Consultative Services
  - Experimental setup/review, analysis interpretation, manuscript review

Rate and Fee Structure - Rates for services /instruments/ analysis & Billing information

Scheduling Facility Time

Links to other Flow Cytometry Core Facilities
- Policies,  phone scheduling



Consultative Services:

  • Free consultation to discuss the application of Flow Cytometry to the principal investigator's project or proposed use. All users are encouraged to do this .
  • Free review of data presentation for publication. .

Rate and Fee Structure:

  • Rates are charged in 1/4 hour increments according to the rate structure below
  • A setup charge occurs with each use (see setup times below), therefore it is advantageous to batch your use if at all possible.
  • For those fimiliar with operation of FACS/ Calibur/ LSR, we offer investigator use rates. If not, we will train you at normal rates (it usually takes 2-8 hours, depending on the individual).

To schedule via phone - Call Flow Cytometry Laboratory at 444-8078 to schedule instrument time. Call Flow Cytometry Lab at 444-8078 to schedule initial consultative appointment.


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