Welcome Dr. Ke Jian "Jim" Liu, July 2022

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We are happy to welcome Dr. Ke Jian “Jim” Liu, who has been recruited as Professor in Renaissance School of Medicine’s Department of Pathology and Associate Director for Basic Science of the Stony Brook Cancer Center. Before joining Stony Brook, Dr. Liu served as Distinguished Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Pharmacy at the University of New Mexico. He also served as a senior member of the Cellular & Molecular Oncology Program of the UNM Cancer Center.


Dr. Liu is internationally recognized for his research which addresses the molecular mechanisms of metal toxicity and carcinogenesis, particularly that of arsenic and chromium. A key strength of his research is the utilization of multidisciplinary approaches, using techniques ranging from chemical to biochemical to biophysical, and from molecular and cellular level to animal models, to answer specific biological questions. His research has been continuously supported by numerous NIH grants since 1995, leading to the publications of over 200 peer-reviewed papers in the areas of oxidative stress and metal carcinogenesis. 


Dr. Liu will continue his research at Stony Brook as a leading cancer research scientist in the field of environmental carcinogenesis. As the Associate Director for Basic Science, he will focus on opportunities for program grant development with the Cancer Center’s Programs in Lipid Signaling and Metabolism in Cancer (LSMC), Oncogenic Drivers and Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis (ODMC) and Imaging, Biomarker Discovery, and Engineering Sciences (IBES).   


Please join us in welcoming Dr. Liu to Stony Brook.  We are very excited to have him join the School of Medicine and the Stony Brook Cancer Center. 


Kenneth R. Shroyer, MD, PhD 

Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology 

Interim Associate Director for Basic Research, Stony Brook Cancer Center 

Renaissance School of Medicine 

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Yusuf A Hannun, MD
Director, Stony Brook Cancer Center
Vice Dean for Cancer Medicine
Joel Strum Kenny Professor in Cancer Research 

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