I am pleased to announce that Dr. David Montrose has been jointly recruited as an Assistant Professor by the Department of Pathology and the Cancer Center. 

Dr. Montrose completed his PhD at the University of Connecticut in Biomedical Science and his postdoctoral training at Weill Cornell Medicine. His research is focused on understanding and modulating host intrinsic and extrinsic factors in the GI tract to prevent and treat colorectal cancer (CRC) and  inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Projects include: 1) Disrupting tumor cell metabolism through targeting synthesis and exogenous availability of nutrients for CRC prevention and treatment; 2) Dietary and pharmacological approaches to alter the influence of gut luminal factors on intestinal tumor development; 3) Modulating immune cell metabolism to ameliorate IBD; 4) Understanding the pathogenesis of the gut injury response to enhance wound healing.

Kenneth R. Shroyer, MD, PhD
The Marvin Kuschner Professor and Chair of Pathology