Funded Studies from 2005:


Animal Studies:

Dates of Activity



9/12/08 to 4/30/14

National Cancer Institute

PGs and Keratinocyte Adhesion.  Sabine Brouxhon MD, PI

9/10/08 to 8/31/13


Mechanisms for wound healing with ultrasound.  Sabine Brouxhon MD, co-Investigator with Dr Dalecki (University of Rochester, Biomedical Engineering)

4/5/09 to 1/31/13


Engineered matrix mimetics:  Novel therapies for wound repair.  Sabine Brouxhon MD, co-Investigator with Dr Hocking (University of Rochester, Biomedical Engineering)

7/1/08 to 2/26/12

Susan G Komen Foundation

Function and Mechanism(s) for E-cadherin loss in breast cancer.  Sabine Brouxhon MD, PI

8/1/10 to 7/31/12

Auxagen Inc. / NIH

TGF-ß antagonists for accelerating wound healing.  Adam Singer MD, PI

03/10/08 to 3/10/13

Rutgers / DoD

Therapy to limit injury progression and promote non-scar healing after burns and severe battle trauma.  Adam Singer MD (10%) Co-Investigator with Dr Richard Clark (Biomedical Engineering)

9/25/09 to 9/25/11


Novel peptide to inhibit burn injury progression.  Adam Singer (10%) Co-Investigator with Dr Richard Clark (Biomedical Engineering)

5/1/08 to 4/30/11


Role of E-cadherin in photocarcinogenesis.  Sabine Brouxhon, MD, PI


Human Studies:

Dates of Activity



2008 to 2011

Office of Naval Research

Computational diagnostic techniques for accessing neural risk for vulnerability towards acute and chronic stress.  Adam Singer MD, (5%) Co-investigator with Dr Mujica-Parodi, (Biomedical Engineering and Psychiatry)

8/6/09 to 8/25/11

Schering Plough

TRAŸCER—A multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of SCH 530348 in addition to standard of care in subjects with ACS.  Adam Singer MD, PI (3%)

1/30/09 to 12/17/10


PRONTO—A safety and efficacy study of blood pressure control in AHF:  A pilot study.  Adam Singer MD, PI (2%)

3/1/08 to 8/1/10

National Patient Safety Foundation

Interruptions in the Emergency Room.  Peter Viccellio MD, co-Investigator with Dr Nancy Franklin (Psychology) 

11/28/06 to 5/5/09

Biosite Inc.

MIDAS:  Myeloperoxidase in the diagnosis of ACS.  Adam Singer MD, PI (3%)

2/1/10 to 3/1/11


(Previously Biosite)

EPIC fs:  Evaluation of BNP in a professional point of care setting with the Biosite Triage fs system (EPIC fs).  Adam Singer MD, PI (1%)

12/2/10 to 11/16/11


Tnl-2-10.  Evaluation of the Beckman Coulter AccuTnl® Assay as an Aid in the Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction (MI).  Adam Singer MD, PI (1%)

1/1/10 to 10/20/11


A randomized, multicenter, single blinded, parallel study of the safety of 100 mg or 200 mg oseltamivir administered IV for treatment of influenza in patients aged 13 years or older.  Adam Singer MD, PI (2%)