Faculty Reviews

Interfolio Faculty180 is a system that will be used to assist with Annual faculty reviews. Faculty180 is a centralized location for faculty to store their research interests, record of teaching, publications, presentations, works of art and creative expressions, clinical trials and activities, institutional and professional service, and awards and honors.

In order to sign into Interfolio Facully 180, please use the following direct link https://iam-api.interfolio.com/users/sso_redirect?tenant_id=15355. Once you are logged in, you will be able to upload information that is used for Annual Reviews as well as for Reviews for Promotion/Tenure. All faculty should have their accounts already created and should be able to log in.

For any questions please email Interfolio Faculty 180 email support account: faculty180@stonybrook.edu

If you are an administrator of a unit, and would like to request an administrative support account, please email the following information to faculty180@stonybrook.edu:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Stony Brook ID
  • Net ID
  • Unit you want to be able to administer