Our Star Faculty

At Renaissance School of Medicine, we are proud of numerous achievements of our faculty who were awarded many national and international awards.

Dr. Carol Carter and Dr. Vincent Yang Appointed SUNY Distinguished Professors

Congratulations to our new Distinguished Professors, Drs Carol Carter and Vincent Yang! Dr. Carter from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology is recognized for her seminal work on how pathogens escape from infected cells by exploiting cellular machinery, and thus led to a new approach to antiviral HIV drug development. Dr. Yang is the Chair of the Department of Medicine, and his work focuses on identifying the causes and treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies. He studies Krüppel-like factors (KLFs), a group of proteins with important physiologic functions, including the ability to convert somatic cells to induced pleuripotenti stem cells with remarkable therapeutic potential.

Carol Carter Vincent Yang

Dr. Carol Carter
Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Vincent Yang
Departments of Medicine and Physiology and Biophysics

SUNY Chancellors Awards

Congratulations to the 2022 SUNY Chancellor’s Awardees, recognized for their outstanding contributions to our school!

Todd Griffin Susan Larson Kaveh Sadigh

Dr. Todd Griffin
Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Excellence in Faculty Service

Dr. Susan Larson
Anatomical Sciences
Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Kaveh Sadigh
Department of Medicine
Excellence in Teaching

Jessica Koos Mary J. Allen  

Jessica Koos
HSC Library
Excellence in Librarianship

Mary J. Allen
Office of the Dean RSOM
Excellence in Professional Service


Stony Brook Faculty Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Clinton Rubin, SUNY Distinguished Professor in the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering on 2022 Outstanding Mentor Award and to Dr. David Montrose from the Department of Pathology on SBU Faculty Trustees Award!

Clinton Rubin David Montrose

Dr. Clinton Rubin
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Outstanding Mentor Award

Dr. David Montrose
Department of Pathology
SBU Faculty Trustees Award

2021 Renaissance School of Medicine Faculty Awards winners
Kaveh Sadigh Joshua Plotkin Congwu Du John Ferretti Rina Meyer

Aesculapius Award for Excellence in Medical Education

Dr. Kaveh Sadigh, Dept. Medicine

Early Career Research Excellence Award

Dr. Joshua Plotkin, Dept. Neurobiology and Behavior

Senior Research Excellence Award

Dr. Congwu Du, Dept. Biomedical Engineering

Excellence in Clinical Service Award

Dr. John Ferretti, Dept. Radiology

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award Presented by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation

Dr. Rina Meyer, Dept. Pediatrics

Clinton Rubin Kevin Zacharoff Smadar Kort Miguel Garcia-Diaz Jennie Williams

Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award

Dr. Clinton Rubin, Dept. Biomedical Engineering

Excellence in Student Mentoring Award

Dr. Kevin Zacharoff, Dept. Family, Population and Preventive Medicine

Excellence in Resident/Fellow Mentoring Award

Dr. Smadar Kort, Dept. Medicine

Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring Award

Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz, Dept. Pharmacological Sciences

Leadership Award

Dr. Jennie Williams, Dept. Family, Population and Preventive Medicine