Clinical Scientist Dinner

Academic Year (2020- 2021)
Clinical Scientist Dinner Seminars


An informal evening seminar/dinner series held throughout the academic year and is organized by the MSTP 1st Year Ph.D. students which is held monthly from September - April except in December at which intramural and extramural alumni, residency directors, MSTP Co-Directors, members of the Stony Brook/Cold Spring Harbor faculty make presentations to the students. These meetings represent unique opportunities for the students to interact closely and intensely with potential mentors and/or to learn about the multiple types of future career paths available from local and extramural physician scientists.

Faculty appreciate the opportunity to discuss their results in an intimate forum with a group of talented and motivated students. Approximately half the presenting faculty are drawn from the clinical research pool to give students the opportunity to interact with individuals engaged in the type of research they may elect to pursue later in their careers. This facilitates discussion of the combined medicine / science academic career path from a wide variety of perspectives.

Students at CSHL are allowed to participate by videoconferencing, although we’d of course prefer that they attend in person.

Location: Basic Science Tower, Floor T8, Seminar Conference Room 8-180
Dinner will be served at 6:00 P.M.

Please be advised that all students are expected to attend this without exception unless clinical duties (3rd and 4th year medical students only) preclude it. Our ability and interest in maintaining activities like this, is dependent on the level of interest you display.

The Program Co-Directors would like to see more than 90% attendance at these meetings. Occasional conflict is to be expected; but it should be the rule to attend unless there is an unavoidable conflict (such as illness, out-of-town, or other formal engagement).