Longitudinal Learning Communities


The Longitudinal Learning Communities (LLC) program is a community-based approach to learning: encouraging meaningful student interaction and small-group learning as well as peer-group evaluation and feedback mechanisms that help students develop a team-based collaborative approach to the practice of medicine; allowing students to build formal four-year mentoring relationships with SB faculty as well as encouraging a continuous exchange of ideas between students and faculty members through formal and informal/social events.


  • Small group environment
  • Informal and formal interactions between students and faculty and between students
  • Vertical integration of academic and career counseling activities
  • Way to establish connectedness and meaning
  • Personal connection and well being
  • Effective way to check the pulse, fix it and communicate fixes
  • Effective way for the school to inform / educate on key issues

Anticipated outcomes

  • More satisfied students faculty and administrators
  • Feeling of “connectedness” to school leading to future connected alumni
  • New ideas for improvement may emerge


  • Each community having three faculty facilitators with good emotional intelligence two clinical and one non-clinical leaders
  • 13 learning communities. Each LC will have two or three student leaders from each class
  • Potential for inter community activities sports, competitions

Activities within Learning Communities

  • Career counseling
  • Periodic clerkship exit interviews
  • Academic schedule planning/ feedback/advise
  • Community service or common group projects
  • Communication on key issues
  • May expand to more robust mentoring programs
  • Deans letter input


  • Monthly group meeting
  • Same week in academic calendar
  • Periodic meetings of community leaders
  • Individual meetings with students by LLC facilitators
Virginia Apgar           Rene Laennec
Elizabeth Blackwell           Joseph Lister
Harvey Cushing           Elie Metchnikoff
Charles Drew           William Osler
Sigmund Freud           Helen Taussig
William Harvey           Paul D. White
Robert Koch



Career Counseling Manual for Advisors 2014.pdf