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  • Designing Assessments to Meet Learner Needs
    • Assessment is a crucial part of teaching because it lets instructors know if students understand the material or need remediation.  It also gives us data that we can use to report on the success of our programs.  This session will focus on various aspects of designing assessments such as starting with learning outcomes, formative vs. summative assessment, assessment rigor, validity and reliability in question design, and how to choose evaluation tools and methods
  • ExamSoft 101
    • ExamSoft offers instructors a secure digital assessment platform that can be used for formative and summative assessment in both an in-person and remote testing setting. Building on what was covered previously, this session will show instructors how to create, administer, and grade exams, and how to generate detailed performance reports using ExamSoft. Examples of how ExamSoft is being used in the health sciences will be shared, along with best practices for using the platform.

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