Your input is valued and welcome. By joining committees, you get an insider’s perspective on different areas and initiatives of the hospital, and can participate in decision making that helps to guide hospital policy. Current residents and fellows are invited to take part in any of these committees.

GME-Specific Committees:

  • Patient Safety Resident Council – resident representatives from all programs discuss and work to improve patient safety risks.
  • Graduate Medical Education Committee – discusses all GME business in accordance with ACGME requirements and guidelines
  • GME Wellness – creates and implement initiatives focused on wellness for residents and fellows
  • Inclusion and Diversity – develops and strengthens support and opportunities for groups under-represented in medicine, and helps to create awareness and acceptance among all faculty, trainees and other personnel. The group is comprised of 5 subcommittees:
    • Recruitment and retention of URM trainees to our programs
    • Support of current URM in our programs
    • Education and awareness
    • Community Advocacy
    • Support of foreign medical graduates

Hospital-Wide Committees

  • Hospital Patient Safety – institutional level meeting where serious safety events are discussed and analyzed. Run by the regulatory affairs department.
  • Medication Safety – medication ordering and administration processes are reviewed for safety and efficacy. Run by pharmacy.
  • Grievance Review – the patient advocacy department reports on patient complaints and grievances in aggregate and trends. Improvement efforts are targeted as needed.
  • Inpatient Physician Advisory – IT meeting that reviews physician-related issues with the EMR.
  • Outpatient Physician Advisory – same as above but for the outpatient record.
  • Quality and Patient Safety Committee of the Governing Body – run by the quality department, this committee reviews and reports on quality initiatives throughout the institution.
  • Department Head – run by the CEO. All department leaders are present. Informational only.
  • Cultural Diversity Committee – created to promote and foster diversity and inclusion at institutional level. Run by Human Resources.
  • Patient Education Committee – creates and review materials for patient knowledge.
  • LGBTQ Committee – helps to address the needs of the LGBTQ* community, including patients, faculty, staff and trainees. 
  • Medical QA Committee – physician quality liaisons from all departments review cases referred for quality review.
  • Infection Control Committee 
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee – approves any changes in drugs or therapeutics for the institution.
  • Forms Committee – reviews and approve any new forms.
  • Medical Records Committee – monitors changes in process with regard to medical records.
  • Ethics – meets on consultative basis to address ethical concerns of care for providers or families.

For more information about these committees, contact the GME Office or reach out to your program coordinator directly.