Recognizing Our Residents and Fellows

The Renaissance School of Medicine trains more than 750 residents and fellows annually in 67 accredited programs across various specialties. These integral members of our healthcare team are committed to providing compassionate care to our patients and their families. During February, Resident and Fellow Appreciation Month at Stony Brook Medicine, we recognize all our residents and fellows and celebrated their hard work, valuable contributions and dedication to our patients, staff and the communities we serve. Here, we are shining a light on some of our residents and fellows. Click on their images below to read more about their stories and the varied areas of focus that are shaping their careers.

Vincent Bargnes, MDVincent Bargnes, MD
PGY2, Department of Anesthesiology
Luke Curran, MDLuke Curran, MD
PGY1, Department of Anesthesiology
Murad Elias, MDMurad Elias, MD
PGY3, Department of Anesthesiology
Victoria Nguyen, MDVictoria Nguyen, MD
PGY4, Department of Anesthesiology
Michael Tao, MDMichael Tao, MD
PGY6, Department of
Rosemarie Montecalvo, DORosemarie Montecalvo, DO
PGY5, Department of Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
Daryl Williams, MDDaryl Williams, MD
PGY5, Department of
Critical Care Medicine
Andrea Tan, MDAndrea Tan, MD
PGY4, Department of Dermatology
Marcin Ciesla, MDMarcin Ciesla, MD
PGY3, Department of
Emergency Medicine
Erin Lavin, MD, MPHErin Lavin, MD, MPH
PGY1, Department of
Emergency Medicine
Jillian Leibowitz, DOJillian Leibowitz, DO
PGY2, Department of
Emergency Medicine
Brooke Learned, DOBrooke Learned, DO
PGY5, Department of Endocrinology
Sandy Ng, MDSandy Ng, MD
PGY6, Department of Gastroenterology
Ahmad Aljobeh, MDAhmad Aljobeh, MD
PGY2, Department of
General Surgery
Zachary Plona, MDZachary Plona, MD
PGY4, Department of
General Surgery
Priyanka Ramachandra, MDPriyanka Ramachandra, MD
PGY3, Department of
General Surgery
Christine Ward, MDChristine Ward, MD
PGY5, Department of
General Surgery
Ahmar Alam, MDAhmar Alam, MD
PGY2, Department of
Internal Medicine
Chelsea Amo-Tweneboah, MDChelsea Amo-Tweneboah, MD
PGY1, Department of
Internal Medicine
Pronoma Srivastava, MDPronoma Srivastava, MD
PGY3, Department of
Internal Medicine
Yang Liu, MDYang Liu, MD
PGY4, Department of Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Bijal Parikh, MDBijal Parikh, MD
PGY6, Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Manasi Dave, MDManasi Dave, MD
PGY6, Department of Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine
Vikalpa Dammavalam, DOVikalpa Dammavalam, DO
PGY4, Department of Neurology
John Servider, MDJohn Servider, MD
PGY4, Department of Neurosurgery
Chaitali Korgaonkar-Cherala, MDChaitali Korgaonkar-Cherala, MD
PGY4, Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology
AnishaMohandasAnisha Mohandas, MD
PGY6, Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology
Rosen Jeong, MDRosen Jeong, MD
PGY1, Department of Pediatrics
Nathan Smith, MDNathan Smith, MD
PGY3, Department of Pediatrics
Meyling Zuniga, DOMeyling Zuniga, DO
PGY2, Department of Pediatrics
Melissa Schwartz, DOMelissa Schwartz, DO
PGY3, Department of Preventive Medicine
Brigid Hornback, MDBrigid Hornback, MD
PGY1, Department of Psychiatry
Jun Lin, DOJun Lin, DO
PGY4, Department of Psychiatry
Eitan Sheena, MDEitan Sheena, MD
PGY3, Department of Psychiatry
Rachel Spector, MDRachel Spector, MD
PGY2, Department of Psychiatry
Sasha Weiss, DOSasha Weiss, DO
PGY4, Department of Psychiatry
Azzam Paroya, DOAzzam Paroya, DO
PGY6, Department of Pulmonary
Stefanos Giannopoulos, MDStefanos Giannopoulos, MD
PGY3, Department of Vascular Surgery

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