Current Residents and Fellows

“At Stony Brook we work together as a team. It's a very collaborative experience between residents, fellows and attendings. We work together on patients as well as do procedures together. It’s really a wonderful experience being able to communicate with everyone, and then come together as a team to help care for our patients.”
— Samita Heslin, Emergency Medicine Resident

Meeting the needs of our residents and fellows to help them become exceptional doctors is at the core of everything we do. At Stony Brook our large support system, composed of caring, knowledgeable administrators and advisers are available to answer your questions, offer suggestions and provide information on every aspect of your work and life here.

Call Rooms

Call rooms provide a much needed space where you can rest and recharge.

Stony Brook University Hospital – Second floor (Note: some departments, such as the Pediatric ICU and the Critical Care Unit also have their own call rooms). There is also a shared resident lounge with computers, couches, refrigerator, microwave and tv available for residents and fellows.

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital - A call room is available for our surgical residents, with refrigerated meals provided by nutrition services. There are also vending machines available.

Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital – There is a call room in a building adjacent to the hospital. PGY-2 Psychiatry residents can also access the call room and have a meal allowance when doing overnight call in CPEP at Stony Brook University Hospital.

Northport VA Medical Center

For Surgical Residents: Two overnight in-house surgical residents can have access to quiet, clean separate rooms with sleeping cots, bathroom access, and telephone/computers for charting and orders.

For Medical Residents: There are three team rooms available where residents can set up sleeping cots as needed. Bathrooms are down the hall, and computers and telephones are in the team rooms.

For ICU Residents: There is a call room in the ICU with a bed. All other basic amenities can be found nearby.

Meals: Dinner trays are provided to overnight on-call residents. Breakfast, lunch and dinner trays are provided for residents working on weekends and holidays. Residents can call in to the dietary department and select from the two or three meal options available.

If you need assistance with access to these rooms, contact the GME Office or call (631) 638-2698.

Meal Credits

Residents and fellows working at Stony Brook University Hospital each receive a set of meal credits, which are loaded onto their ID badges to account for meals at our on-site cafeteria.

Fatigue Mitigation Transportation Reimbursement for Trainees

To ensure fatigued residents can reach home safely after work and return to the training site, we offer reimbursement for your transportation costs. For more details and reimbursement forms click here

Research Opportunities

Fellows and residents who are passionate about research can find myriad opportunities within our four key research pillars: basic science, clinical informatics, clinical trials and outcomes research, and imaging science. Even if research seemed too daunting before, our welcoming, supportive environment and exciting options may change your mind.

Approximately half of our medical students participate in active research during their medical school career.

Participating in research gives interested residents and fellows the ability to understand the process of getting new knowledge into their specialty while allowing them to delve deeply into a problem and become experts in it. They also get the confidence and career edge that comes with gaining unique expertise in their specialty. Some of our research programs even give our residents and fellows the opportunity to present their findings at a special annual showcase to their faculty, mentors, colleagues and peers.

Residents and fellows often learn about research opportunities from attending physicians who reach out to them directly. You can find out about additional opportunities by contacting your program director.

Get Involved with a Committee

Your input is valued and welcome. By joining committees, you get an insider’s perspective on different areas and initiatives of the hospital, and can participate in decision making that helps to guide hospital policy. Current residents and fellows are invited to take part in any of these committees. To see the full committee list, click here.


Quick Links

  • Policies - Have a question or need details about a policy? Almost everything you need is here.
  • New Innovations - An easy-to-use platform that allows you to log and view work hours and procedures, view schedules, complete conference surveys and more.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - Links to resources that support and celebrate our diverse community.
  • Library - Resources and services to advance education, research, and clinical excellence, supporting Stony Brook University’s goal to be among the top public Universities in the country.
  • Up to Date - A valuable resource for busy clinicians containing easily accessible information associated with improved outcomes.
  • Intranet - Called ThePulse, our intranet is accessible to all faculty and staff onsite, informing on important hospital news, events and happenings, recognition, policies and procedures and more.
  • ISTOP - New York State’s Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing - Prescription Monitoring Program
  • Talk to the DIO - If you have concerns or issues that require the DIO’s attention you can report them anonymously.
  • Wellness - Support and resources for every aspect of your physical and psychological well-being.
  • Life on Long Island - A guide to our region, known for its natural beauty, pristine beaches, quaint towns, family friendly neighborhoods and proximity to NYC.
  • Milestones Guidebook for Residents and Fellows - A roadmap for your growth and development in clinical skills, knowledge and values during your residency or fellowship.
  • Resources and Links - Links to sites we recommend to help guide you throughout your training.

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