Fatigue Mitigation Transportation Reimbursement for Trainees

The GME Office is pleased to offer reimbursement for the transportation costs fatigued residents incur in order to reach home safely after work. We encourage trainees to use a transportation service to get home instead of driving their vehicle if they are fatigued.

You may utilize either Uber or Lyft for your trip home. To get reimbursed for the cost of your trip (except for tips) to your home and back to work please complete the form below and submit the original receipts to the GME office within 5 days of the travel date. Please view the FAQS and reimbursement instructions below for important details about the program.


Which transportation services are reimbursable?
Trainees may use the transportation service through the app-based services of Lyft and Uber.

When am I eligible to use the service?
Trainees may use the service ANY TIME they are feeling overly fatigued after work; NOT just after an overnight shift. Your safety comes first. Please do not get behind the wheel when you are overly fatigued!

Will I be reimbursed for my trip back to the training site?

May I use this transportation option when I am working at affiliated training sites?
Yes, this option is available for use from any training site to a verifiable home address. This includes Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, Northport VA Medical Center, St. Charles, etc.

What areas of the travel reimbursement form do I need to fill out?
Please do not edit the prepopulated information. You need to fill out the Traveler Information section in its entirety, Transportation Expenses (Taxi/Subway/Ferry lines and cost), and please be sure to sign.

May I use the service to go sleep at the house of a friend/family member/significant other?
Sorry, no! The end location must be your verifiable home address.

I live really far from my training site. Can I still use the service?
Yes, absolutely. As long as the end destination is your verifiable home address, any trip from the training site to your home is fully reimbursable.

May I choose to ride in style (Uber black, Lyft plus, etc.)?
On your own dime! If you choose to use Uber, Lyft or a similar app-based service, make sure to select the basic service. Reimbursement will not be approved for luxury services.


Complete the Travel Voucher Form (please note the form requires an original signature)

Complete the Program Director Approval Form and have it signed by your Program Director.

Receipt -App-based services - submit your receipt containing the following information:

  • Starting location
  • Ending location
  • Time and date
  • Your name
  • Total fare amount

Interoffice or submit the two forms and receipt to the GME Office within 5 days of travel to internal zip -8430. The GME Office will obtain the signatures for approval of the Travel Voucher Form from the DIO and CMO.


Sample Resident Travel Voucher Form

Sample Resident Program Director Approval Form