Recent News and Events

June 2023: Nina Pregosin received the NIDDK Diversity Supplement.

May 2023: The SBU Kidney Crew raised money for kidney research at the Long Island Kidney Walk.

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May 2023: Review article publication: Podocyte-Parietal Epithelial Cell Interdependence in Glomerular Development and Disease (

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May 2023: Presentations at the International Podocyte Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

  • "Epigenomic Dynamics of Parietal Epithelial Cells in Proliferative Glomerulopathy" (Rob Bronstein)
  • "Investigating Podocyte-Parietal Epithelial Cell Communication through Intercellular Bridges" (Nina Pregosin)
  • Nina Pregosin's abstract was selected for a short talk at the Early Career Researchers Meeting and she received the an award for best poster from the American Physiological Society

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May 2023: Stacey Jiang and Malaika Zaidi received URECA and SUNY SOAR summer research awards.

May 2023: Students from the SBU Kidney Crew participated in the Roth Regatta 

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March 2023: Nina Pregosin was selected to give a short talk at the17th Annual Women in Medicine Research Day at Stony Brook University

  • Nina Pregosin received the award for best abstract in the Graduate Student category

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January 2023: Dr. Sandeep Mallipattu was inducted into the American Society of Clinical Investigation.

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November 2022: Presentations at the American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week 2022 in Orlando, FL.

Oral Presentations

  • "Cell-Specific Role of STAT3 Signaling in Podocytes vs. Parietal Epithelial Cells in Proliferative Glomerulopathy" (Yogesh Gowthaman)
  • "Podocyte-specific loss of Klf4 induces the formation of extracellular matrix extensions" (Nina Pregosin)

Poster presentations

  • "Podocyte-Mediated Proximal Tubule Preconditioning Is Protective in Diabetic Kidney Disease" (Neha and Bismark Frimpong)
  • "Formulating customizable extracellular matrix scaffolds from decellularized mouse kidneys" (Nina Pregosin)

Neha Gujarati, Bismark Frimpong, and Nina Pregosin received Kidney STARS awards.

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September 2022: Robert Bronstein received a postdoctoral training grant from the New York Consortium for Interdisciplinary Training in Kidney, Urological & Hematological Research (NYC KUHR).

August 2022: Nina Pregosin was awarded the Scholars in Biomedical Sciences training grant.

May 2022: Bismark Frimpong was accepted to the MD/PhD program at Yale School of Medicine.

April 2022: Andrew Chow received the URECA award for summer research.

December 2021: New Publication in Kidney International: Loss of proximal tubular transcription factor Kruppel-like factor 15 exacerbates kidney injury through loss of fatty acid oxidation. (

October 2021: Chelsea Estrada was awarded the Veterans Affair Career Development Grant.

October 2021: New Publication in Diabetes: Loss of Functional SCO2 Attenuates Oxidative Stress in Diabetic Kidney Disease. (

October 2021: Abstract selected for oral presentation at American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week : Sian E. Piret, Ahmed A. Attallah, Yiqing Guo, Nehaben A. Gujarati, Sandeep K. Mallipattu. Loss of proximal tubular Kruppel-like factor 15 in kidney injury is detrimental through suppression of fatty acid oxidation. SA-OR16

May 2021: New Publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America: Krüppel-Like factor 6 mediated loss of BCAA catabolism contributes to kidney injury in mice and humans (

June 2020: Sian Piret, PhD, received the 2020 Joseph V. Bonventre Research Scholar Grant from Kidney Cure.
Read more here: 2020 Joseph V. Bonventre Research Scholar Grant 

November 2019: Talks and presentations at American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week 2019 in Washington DC - 
a. “Identification of podocyte secreted proteins that drive parietal epithelial cell proliferation in a murine model of proliferative glomerulopathy” (Jesse Pace) 
b. “Proximal tubule-specific KLF6 mediated amino acid metabolism is critical for the progression of kidney injury” (Sian Piret)
c. “Human Podocyte Modifies Energy Metabolism during Differentiation” (Jessica Vasquez)
d. "Loss of Endothelial Klf4 leads to severe glomerular endothelial injury in aged mice" (Chelsea Estrada)
e. "Glomerular and Tubular Origins of Albuminuria." (Sandeep K. Mallipattu)


July 2019: Sandeep Mallipattu, MD, received prestigious PECASE award in July from the US government; given to outstanding scientists and engineers that show exceptional promise for leadership in science and technology.
Read more here: Two Faculty Honored with Prestigious PECASE Awards


July 2019: Sian Piret, PhD, received an award from the UAB-UCSD O’Brien Center for Acute Kidney Injury Research.  The title is “Role of proximal tubular Kruppel-like factor 6 (KLF6) in acute injury responses to DNA damage”.

Dr. Sian Piret

June 2019: Chelsea Estrada, MD, received Basic Science Research Award in July from Stony Brook Medicine for her outstanding efforts in Nephrology research.

Chelsea Estrada

April 2019: Sandeep K. Mallipattu, MD, was named 2019 Discovery Prize Finalist.
Read more here: 2019 Discovery Prize Finalists Announced

Mallipattu Discovery Prize 2019