The primary objective of our research program is to produce orthopaedic surgeons capable of critically evaluating clinical and basic science research in order to provide their patients with the highest possible level of evidence-based treatment. The secondary objective is to provide our residents with the opportunity to contribute to the body of orthopaedic knowledge by performing an independent research project.

These objectives are achieved by a rigorous curriculum that includes didactic learning opportunities and guided independent work. The didactic portion of the curriculum includes concepts such as: literature and data-base searching and evaluation; interpretation and implementation of accepted scientific methods of research; understanding medical statistics and levels of evidence; and clinical decision making. The independent component includes issues such as: ethical conduct of research; human and/or animal subjects; research design; data collection, analysis, and interpretation; and research presentation and publication.

The research program is well-integrated within the residency program, with dedicated rotation time in each of the Orthopaedic years. PGY-4 residents are provided a month-long rotation to complete their research project, and one week blocks are given to PGY-5 residents to attend the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting and present their work. The department also fully funds all presentations supported by residents' research, and a stipend is granted for each published article, with a larger award for the annual research project of the year.

Overseeing the research program is our Research Committee, which meets regularly to coordinate, approve, and monitor resident research projects, as well as our research faculty members, Drs. Marie Badalamente and David Komatsu, who directly supervise the residents in the completion of their research projects. Our faculty are also actively engaged in research and provide talks all over the country on areas of their expertise.

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Facilities available to residents for their research projects include: