Transportation to Stony Brook

<p><strong>By Car:</strong> Stony Brook Medicine can be approached by way of the Long Island Expressway (Rte. 495), the Northern and Southern State Parkways, or Routes 25, 25A, 27, 27A, and 347. These are east-west routes which feed into Nicolls Road with entrances to it. The University is nine miles north of the Expressway's Exit 62N, and 2 miles north of Route 347, which connects with Route 25 and the Northern State Parkway.</p>
<p><!--<img src="…; _mce_src="…; width="500" height="248" alt="Long Island Map" title="Long Island Map" />--><a href="/sdmpubfiles/09060074-RegionalMap-V3_7-30-09_SBonly_0-large.png" rel="lightbox[group1][Regional Map]"><img title="Regional Map" class="imagecache-500" alt="Regional Map" src="/sdmpubfiles/09060074-RegionalMap-V3_7-30-09_SBonly_0.png"></a>
<p><strong>By Ferry:</strong> The <a href="; target="_blank"><strong>Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Ferry Company</strong></a> provides year-round service from Connecticut to Long Island — from Bridgeport, CT, to Port Jefferson, NY. Sailing time is about 85 minutes. For further information, call 631-473-0286. The <a href="; target="_blank"><strong>Cross Sound Ferry Services, Inc.</strong></a>, also provides year-round service from Connecticut to Long Island — from New London, CT, to Orient Point, NY. Sailing time is about 80 minutes. For further information, call 631-323-2525.</p>
<p><strong>By Plane:</strong> Service is through Kennedy International and LaGuardia Airports, 50 miles west of Stony Brook. Several airlines provide direct service to Long Island's MacArthur Airport, 16 miles south of the campus. Airport limousine and taxi services are available 24 hours a day to and from each of the three airports.</p>
<p><strong>By Train:</strong> The <a href="; target="_blank"><strong>Long Island Rail Road</strong></a>'s (LIRR) Port Jefferson Branch from Pennsylvania Station (Manhattan) and the LIRR spurs in Brooklyn and Queens provide service to Stony Brook. Travelers must change from electric to diesel trains at either Jamaica or Huntington to reach the Stony Brook station. Free buses run from the station to Stony Brook Medicine.</p>
<p><img width="325" height="681" title="UHMC Map" alt="UHMC Map" src="/sdmpubfiles/uhmc-map.gif"></p>