Clinical Translation Workgroup

Chair: David Cicero & Camilo Ruggero

Workgroup charge is to (1) establish feasibility and utility of dimensional assessment in the clinic in general, (2) tailor HiTOP-based measures for clinical practice, resulting in a clinical battery and a computer-assisted version, and (3) disseminate the model and measurement package to clinicians via publications in academic and non-academic outlets, presentations, workshops, and other appropriate formats.


Andrew E. Skodol
Aaron Pincus
Andrea Fossati
Anna Docherty
Antonella Somma
Bo Sayyad Bach
Chris Hopwood
Christopher J. Patrick
Craig Rodriguez-Seijas
Deborah Hasin
Dustin Wygant
Elizabeth A. Martin
Kasey Stanton
Katherine Jonas
Lee Anna Clark  
Leonard J. Simms
Mark Zimmerman
Michael Bagby  
Michael First
Noah Venables
Raymond Chan
Robert Krueger
Roman Kotov
Stephanie Sweatt
Thomas M. Achenbach
Timothy A. Brown
William Narrow
Yuliya Kotelnikova