Neurobiological Foundations Workgroup

Chairs: Colin G. DeYoung & Robert D. Latzman

The charge of this workgroup is to characterize emerging transdiagnostic dimensions by considering the interface between quantitative structural models of psychopathology dimensions (i.e., HiTOP) and approaches that begin with neurobiology. The workgroup aims to identify points of convergence and to more clearly articulate the transdiagnostic phenotypic and clinical endpoints of neurobiological variation. It also aims to facilitate identification of neural liability for, and expression of, various forms of psychopathology, as well as identification of models for relating neurobiological systems to clinical research and practice. The scope is not limited to research on humans, also providing an avenue through which nonhuman animal research can intersect with and inform HiTOP.


Alexander J. Shackman
Aaron Heller
Alex Fornito
Alexandre Dombrovski
Anna Docherty
Anthony C. Ruocco
Avram Holmes
Brady Nelson
Christina Carlisi
Christopher J. Patrick
David H. Zald
Elizabeth A. Martin
Giorgia Michelini
Irwin D. Waldman
James Prisciandaro
Jennifer L. Tackett
John D. Haltigan
Kamran Afzali
Mark Bellgrove
Michael Dretsch
Michael Hallquist
Michael T. Treadway
Nicholas R. Eaton
Noah Venables
Rachel Grazioplene
Robert Krueger
Robert R. Althoff
Roman Kotov
Vina Goghari