Revisions Workgroup

Chair: Miriam Forbes & Aidan G. C. Wright

The workgroup charter is to (1) Devise best practices for validating and revising the HiTOP structure; and (2) Use these practices to guide ongoing revision of the working HiTOP model, as needed, as well as to collate topics for clarification and future research.


Benjamin B. Lahey
Bob Krueger
Camilo Ruggero
Colin DeYoung
David Cicero
Donald Lynam
Eiko Fried
Elizabeth A. Martin
Irwin D. Waldman
Jennifer Tackett
Kristin Gainey
Lee Anna Clark
Leonard J. Simms
Matthew Sunderland
Mike Roche
Nicholas R. Eaton
Noah Venables
Robert D. Latzman
Roman Kotov
Thomas A. Widiger
Timothy Allen
Vina Goghari
Sarah Sperry