Genetics Workgroup

Chair: Monika Waszczuk

The workgroup charter is to study the interface between genetic research and the hierarchical structure of psychopathology dimensions. The overarching goal is to investigate how dimensional structural models such as HiTOP dovetail with our existing understanding of the transdiagnostic genetic architecture of psychopathology, and how quantitative and hierarchically organized phenotypes can facilitate future psychiatric genetic research. The scope spans both quantitative (i.e. twin and adoption studies) and molecular genetics research, including downstream genomic processes such as epigenetics and gene expression. The workgroup will aim to establish close collaborations with external researchers, consortia and datasets in the field of psychiatric and behavioral genetics.


Alexander J. Shackman
Anna Docherty
Ashley Watts
Avram Holmes
Avshalom Caspi
Benjamin B. Lahey
Bob Krueger
David Cicero
Irwin D. Waldman
Jennifer L. Tackett
Johan Ormel
John M Hettema
Katherine Jonas
Roman Kotov
Danielle Dick
Susan C. South
J.D. Haltigan
Marina Bornovalova
David Zald
Kristian Markon
Mark Bellgrove