Application Review Process

Screening of Applications
  • All applications are reviewed for completeness.
  • Minimum criteria to be granted an interview includes a complete application, a preferred overall GPA of 3.2 or greater, and an AND verification statement or letter of intent.  In addition, applicants’ personal statement (as required by DICAS), letters of recommendations, official transcripts, and work/volunteer experiences will be considered in completing the application review form.  The 30 to 35 candidates with the highest scores will be selected for interviews.  
  • Receipt of payment of Stony Brook University Dietetic Internship Application fee of $25.
Interview and Review of Application
  • During the interview, interviewers will clarify all aspects of the applicant’s application and pose standard questions approved by the committee.  Each interviewer will select a unique set of standard questions to pose to each candidate.  The same sub-committee members will interview each candidate.  Each interviewer scores all interviews.
  • Application packets are scored considering GPA, letters of recommendation, professional writing sample, work/volunteer experience, honors/awards, and other achievements.
  • Application and interview scores are combined for a grand total and applicants are ranked by the Admissions Committee.
  • Candidates will be notified of acceptance or denial by the computer matching service. 
  • In addition, the Admission Committee forwards an official letter of acceptance to only those candidates matched to the Stony Brook Dietetic Internship program. 
  • Those applicants not ranked or not matched will receive notification of status only by D&D Digital Systems.
Post-Match Procedures
  • Match Day will take place on April 7, 2024.
  • Applicants who matched to Stony Brook University must email to confirm his/her seat by April 8, 2024 at 6:00 PM Central time.
  • On April 9, 2024 Stony Brook University will consider all applicants who applied to Stony Brook University on DICAS for Summer or Fall 2024.  Any unmatched applicant who interviewed with Stony Brook University who is interested in either program should email by 5:00 PM EST on April 10, 2024. Applicants should indicate in the email for which program they would like to be considered. Each applicant should review the requirements for the distance program to ensure he/she meets the eligibility requirements.  Note that your preceptors cannot be at sites located in Suffolk County.
  • On April 10, 2024, beginning at 11:00 AM Central Time, Stony Brook University will begin screening second round applications for its on-site and distance dietetic internship programs. In order to be considered, you must:
    • Release your DICAS materials to the Stony Brook University Dietetic Internship Program
    • Pay the Stony Brook University Dietetic Internship Application Fee, found on our Application Instructions Pag
    • If you are applying to the Distance Dietetic Internship, please review the requirements of the Program. You will need to create a rotation schedule that must be emailed to  If you are offered a seat in the distance program, the seat will be conditional based on you securing your schedule.  You must submit the Preceptor Qualification Form (found on our Forms page) and Preceptor resume/CV for your first rotation via email to nutrition@stonybrookmedicine.eduby 4/30/24
    • The entire schedule and corresponding Preceptor Qualification Forms and resumes/CV's must be emailed to by 6/1/24.
  • This material will be reviewed by the Program Director and the Associate Director.  Application material will be reviewed on a daily basis, with the following criteria used to select candidates for telephone interviews: GPA (overall GPA > 3.0), work and volunteer experience and personal statement. Based on this information, top candidates will be selected for an interview.  After the interview is completed, references will be contacted.  Applicants will be invited into our dietetic internship on a rolling admissions basis.  Applicants invited for admission will be given 24 hours to accept the offer of admission.

Conditional Acceptance

Applicants typically do not have a a Verification Statement of Completion of Didactic Program in Dietetics or an official transcript conferring his/her baccalaureate degree when applying to the Dietetic Internship Program. Therefore, when applicants are admitted they are sent a letter stating that acceptance is conditional upon provision of original copies of all required application materials. When the Verification Statement and official transcript is received, it is inspected for completeness, especially in regards to a full class completion date (month, day, and year).
Acceptance is also conditional on provision of an official transcript conferring a graduate degree. If the applicant does not have a graduate degree, acceptance into the dietetic internship is conditional on dual matriculation into the Stony Brook University MS in Nutrition.

Applicants who have not yet earned their graduate degree, but who are enrolled in a self-identified graduate degree program, would have to have no more than 9 credits remaining in their degree program at the start of the dietetic internship program. In addition, applicants would need to present documentation from the university/college where they are enrolled that confirms no more than 9 credits remain, as well as a completed Stony Brook form that confirms that a course plan is in place that would allow for the applicant to complete the remaining credits during the dietetic internship or up to one year following DI completion.

In addition to a signed Verification Statement and official transcript conferring the baccalaureate degree, all dietetic interns are required to complete a criminal background check. The Program Assistant will provide information on obtaining the background check. Consistent with the Stony Brook University policy, any applicant found to have a past criminal conviction will be evaluated for full acceptance by the Director, Associate Director and Judiciary Officer. If there is a direct relationship between the criminal conviction and the role of an intern, or acceptance would involve a risk to patients, other interns or staff at any of our affiliated sites, the intern will be dismissed. The Stony Brook Dietetic Internship Program does not, at this time, require drug testing. The dietetic intern will pay the cost of the background check, as well as fingerprinting and/or drug testing if required by a site.