Locating Sites/Preceptors/Clinical Affiliation Agreements

When applying to the distance track, applicants must provide a preliminary plan of rotation sites and preceptors for each rotation.  This plan must be entered on the Dietetic Internship Rotation Schedule.  In addition, the intern must have a completed and signed SBU DI Preceptor Qualification Form rev0921_0.docx for each preceptor.  These forms are included as supplemental forms on the DICAS application. A sample completed Preceptor Qualification Form can be found here: SBU DI Preceptor Qualification Form- Sample.docx. Once the applicant matches to the SBU distance program, the applicant's rotation schedule is reviewed and modified, if necessary, by the Coordinator of the Program. At this time, the Program Assistant will initiate a Clinical Affiliation Agreement for all sites.  The applicant can be formally admitted once the Agreement for the first rotation site is executed.  The Program Assistant will continue to work with the applicant and remaining sites to get the Affiliation Agreement executed.  An intern is not permitted to rotate at a site if a Clinical Affiliation Agreement is not in place. If an agreement cannot be reached between the site and Stony Brook University, it will be the responsibility of the intern to locate a new preceptor/site for that particular rotation. The program highly recommends scheduling nutrition therapy rotations for later in the internship year.  Clinical Affiliation Agreement negotiations are often much more time-consuming with hospitals so please allow the Program as much time as possible.

All Clinical Affiliation Agreements executed with Stony Brook University remain in effect for five years. Newly accepted students will be provided with a list of sites for which contracts are in effect. It is the hope of the Program that this list of available sites will grow with the Program, proving to be a valuable resource in the future.  Interns who are unable to secure a site for a particular rotation have the option of relocating to a site for which a contract already exists. Note: distance interns cannot rotate at sites in Suffolk County.

What if you cannot complete your entire rotation schedule before the DICAS deadline?  Consider starting off part-time!  Part-time dietetic intern applicants do not have to provide an entire schedule. We realize it can be challenging finding preceptors. Start off part-time while still working hard to find sites. You will need to secure a MNT site 1 in order to be formally accepted into the program. It does not have to be your first scheduled rotation.  If you are able to fill your schedule quickly, you can switch to full-time and graduate on time.

Provide a potential preceptor with the Preceptor Orientation Guide 2021-2022.docx which explains what is required of the preceptor and Why precept for stony brook university.pdf which provides reasons he/she might want to precept for Stony Brook University. If the preceptor agrees to being a preceptor for you, have the preceptor complete and email you the Preceptor Qualification Form.

Possible sources for preceptors and sites:

  • Stony Brook University Dietetic Internship Program has clinical affiliation agreements with the following sites:  Preceptor List for website 22.pdf You can reach out to potential preceptors at these sites to see if they are willing to precept you.
  • AND Find-a-Preceptor database
  • Reach out to Diversify Dietetics at info@diversifydietetics.org
  • Reach out to Nutrition Departments in local hospitals, provider's offices (endocrinologist, diabetes educator, bariatric centers, etc.), long term care facilities, private practice RDs, local community nutrition sites (WIC, schools, Head Start, etc.)
  • DPD Program Director or other faculty in your undergraduate nutrition department
  • Consider relocating to a family/friend for a particular rotation if you are unable to find a preceptor in your area

Stony Brook has alumni from its Dietetic Internship and MS programs who may be willing to be a preceptor.  The Program also has a growing list of former preceptors with secured Clinical Affiliation agreements.  If you are interested in contact information, email the program at nutrition@stonybrookmedicine.edu.