Part-Time Option

The Stony Brook Dietetic Internship offers a part-time option.  Since 2007, the Internship can be completed part-time, within a two-year time frame.  This option is available on a limited basis, with a maximum of two part-time interns at a time.   The application process for part-time candidates follows the same guidelines as the full-time applicants.

During this time period, part-time interns need to be engaged in Dietetic Internship activities for a minimum of 16 hours per week, except during approved vacations (less than 6 weeks a year).  Part-time dietetic interns would be required to meet all requirements, competencies, and learning outcomes as detailed in the curriculum for full-time interns.

Major Completion Requirements to Earn a Verification Statement

Requirement Timeframe
Orientation, 1-2 weeks Required first year
MS Coursework Completed within 2 years
Rotations Completed within 2 years
Seminar/Research Mondays Required first year
Review Week Required second year

Part-time interns will be required to pay the Dietetic Internship fee in full by the program deadline of the first academic year.  Part-time dietetic interns will pay University fees and tuition for graduate courses for both years.  Each academic year for which interns are scheduled for rotations, they will be required to pay professional liability insurance and student health insurance (if they cannot show proof of personal health insurance).  Fees and scheduling are subject to change.  Part-time interns must re-register for the Internship during the second year; additional registration fees may be charged.

Distance applicants are encouraged to start off part-time if unable to secure their entire schedule. Part-time applicants need only provide a partial rotation schedule at admission.  They are still required to find all rotation sites/preceptors but would have more time to do so.  Email if you have specific questions.