ACES Projects

2017 Grants

Investigators   Departments   Project Title

Sahar Ahmad, MD and Rajeev Patel, MD

  Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care   A new paradigm for ultrasound education in graduate medical education.
Cordia Beverly, MD and Catherine Messina, PhD   Family, Population, and Preventive Medicine  

Interdisciplinary student team building to improve communication and community health education. 



2016 Grants

Investigators   Departments   Project Title

Lynn Hallarman, MD, Samantha Nagengast, MD, Jennifer Heinemann, LMSW, Denise Snow, JD, Andrew Wackett, MD, & Iris Fineberg, PhD, MSW, OSW-C

  Medicine, Social Work, Emergency Medicine & the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs   When the diagnosis is the least of the patient’s problems…Recognizing and responding to health disparity impacting seriously ill patients.
Kaveh Sadigh, MD, MPH & TM   Medicine, Division of Cardiology  

Development of electronic learning modules to improve electrocardiogram training for preclinical medical students.

Suzan Schuval, MD, Maribeth Chitkara, MD, & Rahul Panesar, MD   Pediatrics, Division of Allergy/Immunology & Division of Critical Care Medicine   Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of third year medical students regarding anaphylaxis diagnosis and management.




2015 Grants

Investigators   Departments   Project Title

Peggy A. Seidman, MD FAAP, Chris Page, MD, Matthew Tito, MD, Neera Tewari, DO, & Andrew Wackett, MD

  Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, & the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education  

Development of ultrasound curriculum for preclinical medical students 

Nirvani Goolsarran MD FACP, Stacey Frawley, EdD ANP-BC RN, Colby Rowe, MS NRP FP-C, Susan Lane, MD FACP  

Medicine, School of Nursing, Center for Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety


Development and Implementation of an Interprofessional Patient Safety and Quality Care curriculum in LEARN (I-PaSQuaL)


Lisa Strano-Paul, MD, Stephen Post, PhD, Gail Cohan, MD, & Anne Coulehan

  Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Chaplaincy Services, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Psychiatry   Reflection Rounds
Roderick Go, DO   Medicine   Business of Medicine: Quality and Value
Alice Greene, MD, Josephine Connolly Schoonen, PhD, RD, Margaret McNurlan, PhD, Aurora Pryor, MD, Colby Rowe, RN   Medicine, Family Medicine, Surgery, Clinical Skills Center   Contemporary Issues in Medicine:  The prevention and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity.  An Innovative Curriculum to Prepare Future Physicians to Meet the Demands of a Global Crisis.


2014 Grants

Investigators   Departments   Project Title

Stephen G. Post, PhD, Lisa Strano-Paul, MD, Lory Bright-Long, MD, Janet Fischel, PhD, Carla Keirns, MD PhD, Vrajesh Patel, MD, Michael Vetrano, PhD

  Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry  

The Santiago Family                                                                            

Raja Jaber, MD, Gerardo Mackenzie, PhD, Lynette Dias, PhD, Igor Kravets, MDBerrin Monteleone, MD, Margaret McNurlan, PhD, Jules Cohen, MD  

Genetics, Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Surgery


The Tallock Family


Anu Chawla, MD, Bonny Drago, MD, Patricia Galvin-Parton, MD, Catherine Kier, MD, Jonathan Mintzer, MD, Deborah Richman, MBChB, Sanford Simon, MD, Paul Richman, MD

  Anesthesiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Medicine, Pediatrics   The Olander Family
Linda E. Cimino, EdD, Paul Fisher, MD PhD, Miguel Garcia-Diaz, PhD, Roger Cameron, PhD, Marie Varela, PharmD, Owen Yen, MD, Marc Shapiro, MD, Stephen A. Vitkun, MD PhD   Anesthesiology, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physiology, Surgery   The Nicholls Family
Joan Kiely, Jennie Williams, PhD, Iris Graneck, MD, Paula Denoya, MD, Juan Carlos Bucobo, MD   Center for Science and Mathematics Education, Medicine, Preventive Medicine   The Yelamos Family