ACES Junior Scholar Membership Application

Applications for Junior Membership in the Miriam & David Donoho Academy of Clinical and Educational Scholars (ACES) is open. Candidates can apply for membership by submitting an Educational Scholarship and Mentoring Grant proposal. Up to five junior members will be selected. 

ACES membership signifies an outstanding contribution to the educational mission of the Renaissance School of Medicine. Junior members are productive educator-scholars seeking to solve the academic and clinical scholarship challenges facing our community. Members serve as thought leaders engaging in all facets of medical education scholarship.

Applications for junior membership will be accepted through Friday, July 9, 2021.

Grant term: September 1, 2021—August 31, 2023.

Guidelines for Junior Membership Application


  • Preferably be an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook Medicine for at least two years.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to medical education through their role as an instructor or course director in UME or GME, or participation on education-related committees.
  • Must have an idea for a scholarly project within the scope of medical education.
  • Must be willing to commit to membership for at least two years.


  • Scholarly Projects. Carry out at least one scholarly project throughout their tenure. 
  • Annual Progress Report. Submit a yearly progress report to the Evaluation Committee. 
  • Monthly ACES Meetings. Attend 80% of monthly ACES meetings. Present their scholarly project progress with their mentor (Senior ACES member) at least once per year. 
  • Committee Participation. Be part of one of the ACES committees to ensure the smooth functioning of all ACES activities.
  • MedEd Day. Attend the annual Med Ed Day. Members must communicate a request for an excused absence to the Planning Committee in writing at least two weeks before the event.
  • Retreats. Attend two ACES retreats each year, although they will be encouraged to attend all. Assist during the event as a group facilitator or in other roles as needed.
  • Internal Speakers Bureau. Participate in the Internal Speakers Bureau for Faculty Development at SBSOM.