February 2019

IPRO/Department of Health Visit

We had our triennial IPRO/Department of Health visit to ensure compliance with the Supervision and Duty Hours requirements outlined in the New York State Health Code the week of November 12, 2018. They reviewed duty hours, schedules, and conducted interviews with a large number of residents. I am pleased to report to you that we did well, with no concerns or citations. As always, if you have a specific concern regarding either duty hours or supervision, I urge you to speak with me.


The week of January 28, 2019 the GME office sponsored our first-ever Resident Appreciation week! It was a great success, with residents enjoying an afternoon of hot cocoa and popcorn, a Happy Hour at the Bench, a Game Night, and a Breakfast Friday morning. We also had a table in front of the cafeteria and gave out information about residents to patients and staff in the hospital, as well as offer people a chance to play our resident game. In the middle of the week was our annual Wellness Fair, which brought vendors from the University and the community that talked about services and resources that everyone can take advantage of. It was a really successful week, and hopefully everyone who attending got a great deal of useful information from this event!

You should have received a link to complete the Well-being Index online. This is a self-administered survey to look for burnout and depression, and provides useful links and references to contact if you feel there may be a problem. This is an ANONYMOUS survey which we send out for all residents and fellows to be able to utilize; please take advantage of it!

Recruitment News

Core residency programs participating in the Main Residency Match are just about done with their rank lists — programs and students must “certify” by February 20th. The Match results will be announced March 15th. There is always a big party for the Stony Brook 4th-year students in the Galleria that day. Come join us and meet your new colleagues!

Welcome New Program Directors

In Psychiatry, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Lauren Spring as the new Program Director for Psychiatry. A graduate of our combined Adult/Child Psychiatry residency, Dr. Spring has been on the faculty at Stony Brook since 2015.

Surgery Critical Care also has a new Program Director. Dr. Randeep Jawa, who has been on faculty at Stony Brook since 2013, completed his residency at Howard University Hospital and his fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.

More Welcomes

We have a number of new individuals in the hospital, all of whom are interested in residents’ and fellows’ success. Mark Sands, MD, MBA, previously of Cleveland Clinic, is our new Chief Medical Officer. Julie Mirkin, DNP, is our new Chief Nursing Officer, formerly of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Nicole Rossol, MS, our new Chief Patient Experience Officer, is bringing her skills here from NYU Winthrop. We are delighted to have them join us!

Meals Credits

With a lot of input from both the program directors on the GMEC, and a committee of residents and program directors, we have revamped out meal credit system for SBUH. Previous allotment of money towards meals was given for overnight, in-hospital call; however as many fewer programs actually do in-hospital overnight call, we have dispensed with it. After a lot of discussion and input, we have decided to allot an amount of money to each program based on the number of residents or fellows in the program, and whether the program is predominantly hospital-based or ambulatory-based. Each 6 months (July and January) old balances will be swept away and a new amount for the upcoming 6 months will be added to your cards. Of note, we asked for and received a 40% increase in our meals budget from the hospital for this. For more information, please speak with your program director or program coordinator.

Program Coordinator Retreat

The GME office is holding a Program Coordinator retreat on February 27th at the Wang Center. This all-day retreat will be a great opportunity for program coordinators to learn more about different aspects of their positions, enhance their New Innovations skills, and network with each other. It looks like it will be a great day!

Accreditation News

January was a busy month for us on the ACGME front. We had continuing accreditation site visits for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Stony Brook Southampton Internal Medicine, and a new accreditation site visit for Stony Brook Southampton Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. We think all three site visits went very well, and we look forward to hearing results soon!

We also have some newly-accredited programs, who will begin taking new trainees as soon as this summer. Cytopathology received accreditation as a fellowship, and is going to be accepting trainees. Clinical Informatics, which though based in Pathology may accept trainees with core residency in all disciplines, is also recently-accredited and can take new trainees. Hospice and Palliative Care at Stony Brook University Hospital has also recently become accredited, and joins our existing Hospice and Palliative Care program at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital.

We are also waiting to hear back news from the ACGME regarding a new Community Psychiatry program based at Eastern Long Island Hospital.

Kudos! Congratulations!

Prosthodontics residents Dr. Aaron Bellis (PGY3), Dr. Joshua Gold (PGY3) and Dr. Amin Nasehi (PGY2) attended the 48th Annual Session of the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) in Baltimore, MD from October 31-November 3. They presented the following posters:
“Dimensional Stability and Consistency of Rapid Prototype Resins for PRDPs” (Dr. Bellis);
“A Comparison of Under Drilling and Under Drilling with Osseodensification for the Improvement of the Implant Primary Stability” (Dr. Gold); “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, AGESIM ON DISPLAY?” (Dr. Nasehi) . . .A recent Prosthodontics graduate (2018), Dr. Taylor Manalili, was showcased in a paper and online journal publication due to her new position. (https://glidewelldental.com/education/chairside-dental-magazine/volume-13-issue-2 : Select Education Corner: Investing in the Future of Dentistry) . . . Dr. Faheem Farooq (PGY-3, Medicine-Pediatrics not only presented his abstract "Disparities in Foundation and Federal Support and Development of New Therapeutics for Sickle Cell Disease and Cystic Fibrosis," at the the American Society of Hematology, but also received the ASH Abstract Achievement Award. . . Dr. Suguna Chaganti (PGY-1, Medicine-Pediatrics) sang at the 2018 AAP National Conference and Exhibition as part of the opening ceremonies of the national conference! If you want to see the video, please click on the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry8jajqdrjjgyg1/Video%20Nov%2003%2C%2010%2055%2046%20 AM.mov?dl=0  ... Dr. Thomas Fuschetto (PGY-2, Prosthodontics) , attended and presented at the NGS Meeting (Northeastern Gnathological Society) His poster, “Implants: Making RPDs Great Again!”, came in 2nd place (and came with a monetary prize). . . Dr. Sarah Justvig (PGY-3, Pediatrics) and her mentor, Dr. Jonathan Mintzer, recently received an AAP grant award for a project entitled “Regional Tissue Oxygenation in Full-Term, Asymptomatic Neonates at High Risk for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Impact of Non-Pharmacological Interventions.” Click on the link to see the article describing their work, along with other leading pediatric research efforts:

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