Stony Brook Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Curriculum

The Stony Brook Med-Peds program is a 4-year, integrated program that is divided up into thirteen (13) 4-week blocks per year.  Our residents complete all of their intern requirements during their first year of the residency.  We have organized the curriculum to provide trainees with a good balance of inpatient and outpatient experiences so that our graduates excel at providing care to people of all ages in multiple settings.  However, we are always fine tuning our program, and seek the resident’s input in finding new and innovative ways to enhance the educational mission of our program.  The curriculum has been designed to meet or exceed the requirements set by the ACGME and is designed to maximize the learning experience of the med-peds resident at Stony Brook.


Your Residency Experience

PGY-1 Experience

Internal Medicine

Your first year is full of core rotations, building a strong foundation of medical knowledge and clinic skills. You’ll spend 13 weeks in total on floor/admitting rotations. This includes 8 ward weeks, 1 week of admitting, 2 weeks of medical oncology and 2 weeks of intern nights. Your medicine experience is unique in that there is senior support for the interns on the floors, allowing them to take care of the acutely ill without necessarily having to break away to do admissions. This is balanced with the admitting week and intern nights where there are opportunities to do admissions.

You also get ICU/ICU-Stepdown exposure with time in our Medical ICU and Cardiac Acute Care Unit (CACU).  Here you will see a variety of pathologies and work with senior residents and fellows to provide care to the sickest patients. You will also be working under the supervision of our pulmonary and cardiology faculty.

Lastly, your year is rounded out with 3 weeks of our med peds ambulatory week to build your skillset in providing high-quality outpatient care.  .


You will become an expert in the care of a newborn between your 4 weeks in our newborn nursery and 4 weeks in the NICU.  The experiences are unique and complimentary. In the newborn nursery, you’ll see a higher volume of well babies and develop a good sense of the normal exam as well as perfecting your counseling skills. While in the NICU, just next door, you’ll take care of the sickest babies  with delivery resuscitation, critical care, and ventilator management. The NICU has 24 hour in house  coverage with both a NICU fellow and attending as well as mid-level (NP) support.   

Your general pediatric management will also grow with both inpatient exposure and outpatient exposure. You’ll spent 10 weeks on the wards (2 of those weeks will be nights). Your wards time included caring for subspecialty patients who are being primary managed by our subspecialists (pulmonology, gastroenterology). In addition to your wards time you’ll spend 2 weeks in the peds ED.  In order to build a strong outpatient skillset, you’ll do two weeks of general pediatrics elective which allows you to spend time in our various clinic sites, working with general pediatric attendings.  Your year will be rounded out with two weeks of elective time.

PGY-2 + PGY-3 Experience

Internal Medicine

Your 2nd and 3rd year really form the foundation of your supervising/senior role. You will be the senior resident in the CCU and MICU.  Here you’ll be managing critically ill patients, getting opportunities to solidify your procedural skills and be honing in your teaching skills.  You’ll be back on the wards but your time will be spent overseeing a team (of two interns, medical students (during their clerkship) and a Sub-I during certain parts of the year). Aside from developing your management skills and running a team, you’ll be doing admissions to your team during the day. As part of your schedule, you will have senior/admitting nights where you’ll assign admissions to our general medical service, medical oncology and cardiology.

In addition to your inpatient time, you’ll have 10 weeks total in the 2nd and 3rd year, of med peds ambulatory time. Here you’ll  take part in different outpatient experiences and be seeing patients in our combined clinic. You’ll also have 10 weeks of elective time, which will give you the opportunity to explore specialties/opportunities that will be helpful on your chosen track. For example, if you are on a hospitalist type track, you might spend time on an infectious disease consult rotation and attend a stewardship meeting. Your additional elective time will include palliative care, medicine consults, and neurology.


Similar to medicine, your 2nd and 3rd year has you in a senior role on the wards. You’ll spend 8 weeks on the general pediatric wards. In addition to this, you’ll also have the opportunity to be a senior on our hematology/oncology service for 4 weeks during your 3rd year. Rounding out your daytime experience is 4 weeks of night senior.

You’ll have 8 weeks of ICU experience with 4 weeks in the Peds ICU and 4 weeks in the NICU. You’ll be taking overnight call in the Peds ICU which has overnight attendings as well.  

Some of the other opporunties you have in the 2nd and 3rd year includes 8 weeks of pediatric ED, 4 weeks of developmental pediatrics, and 4 weeks of adolescent.

You’ll have 12 weeks of elective time to explore areas of interest.

PGY-4 Experience

Internal Medicine

Your fourth year brings it all together and some consider it the best year.

You’ll spend time on the wards (6 weeks) and admitting (3 weeks, 1 week is dedicated to cardiology admissions) but the remainder of your time really is spent building your outpatient and subspecialty skills. You have 5 weeks of med peds ambulatory and 2 weeks of geriatrics. Last but not least, you have 8 weeks of elective time available which is great! Some of our residents have used this time to pursue medical mission trips and explore opportunities not available at our institution. 


Your fourth year is balanced with 4 weeks each on wards, NICU and  Peds ED. You’ll have 8 elective weeks to further explore areas of interest or even travel as above. You also will be doing your community block/rotation. This four week rotation is unique to pediatrics. You’ll spend time working with our outpatient general pediatrics, doing advocacy work, working with our child abuse attendings and presenting a topic to one of our local schools.