Unique Med-Peds Curricula

Board Review Individualized Learning Plan E-Curriculum:

The Stony Brook Med-Peds program has enhanced the unique educational needs with online e-curricula to complement the clinical experiences here at Stony Brook University. These include the use of PediaLink and the PREP curriculum, the PEAC Internal Medicine Curriculum, Yale Outpatient Medicine Curriculum, CAPC and the Palliative Care Online Curriculum, and the Caring with Compassion Online Curriculum for At-Risk Vulnerable Populations. Given the unique time demands and constraints but recognizing the educational needs of the med-peds residents, we believe that the use of these online curricula enhances our resident’s experiences and improves the educational value.

Med-Peds Ambulatory Rotation:

The Med-Peds Ambulatory rotation weeks are designed to enhance the outpatient experiences needed for the well-rounded Med-Peds residents. We are proud of the mix of private practice, academic practice, and specialty clinics that are included in the Ambulatory rotation. The Med-Peds Ambulatory Rotation is scheduled during the four years of training, and includes:

  • Stony Brook Med-Peds Practice: We are proud of the Stony Brook Med-Peds practice that our residents rotate through. At our Med-Peds practice, Dr. Tique, Dr. Feld and Dr. Tentler provide a unique academic Medicine-Pediatrics experience, including the care of complex pediatric patients transitioning to Adult Care. 
  • Specialty Clinic Experiences: Based on each resident’s individualized learning plan, additional experiences will be included such as Hospice and Palliative Care, Dermatology, Sports Medicine, PM and R, Adult CF Clinic, Physical therapy, and other specialty clinic. These are tailored to the educational and career needs of each resident.
  • Workshops: One-on-one workshops to assist with evidence based medicine, high value care, and quality improvement skills are also included in the second and fourth year curriculum.
  • Longitudinal Geriatrics Curriculum
  • Additional Procedural Training integrated into the Academic Wednesday and Ambulatory week curriculum, including:
    • State-of-the-art Simulation Center
    • Lumbar Puncture training program
    • Suturing workshop
    • Splinting and Casting workshop
    • Ultrasound guided procedures (IVs, central lines, paracentesis, ect.)
    • Bedside ECHO
    • Well woman exams
    • Hearing and Vision Screening
    • Developmental Screening
    • Immunizations

Individualized Curriculum

To tailor the curricular experiences of our med-peds residents, we have created three curricular tracks for the third and fourth year designed to better facilitate our resident’s individualized learning plans and tailor-made residency program. As residents enter the each track, we are able to schedule residents for at least 2 rotations on internal medicine and 2 rotations on pediatrics that are back-up free, to allow for maximum clinical experiences and mentorship time with faculty. In addition, we use the tracks to tailor the experiences of the Med-Peds Ambulatory Rotation to the educational needs of the resident.

Med-Peds Advisor Program

The purpose of the advisor program is to assist med-peds residents with the unique academic and career advising for the combined residency program. The intent is to create as a longitudinal relationship for all four years of residency, and to help with counseling and monitoring of academic progress. Advisors meet with med-peds residents two to three times per year to provide guidance, mentorship, and coaching.