Our Mission

To train versatile and resilient Med-Peds Residents to become future leaders, collaborators, and educators in their field of primary or subspecialty care.  We invest in the well-being of our socioeconomically diverse and complex patient population by practicing evidence based medicine and delivering compassionate care. 

Stonybrook Hospital


The Med-Peds program here at Stony Brook began in 1992 with the increasing demand for Med-Peds residency positions. Students and visionary faculty in the departments of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine saw a need and usefulness for doctors with extensive experience in the care of people of all ages. Since 1992, our program has graduated over 40 combined-trained alumni, practicing across the nation in a variety of different clinical practice settings (Alumni).  Over the years, leadership has changed, but the vision of a state of the art program has remained.


Our curriculum was designed to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the ACGME and the American Boards of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine and create a program that offers unique opportunities tailored for the Med-Peds resident.

Residents enter our program as first year residents. After the resident's vigorous internship year they graduate to more senior level responsibilities and supervise the interns in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. Training is divided throughout the four years in thirteen four week blocks in which the residents switch back and forth between both Pediatric and Medicine Departments.  Please see our Curriculum website for additional information.