What do you like best about the Med-Peds program at Stony Brook?

"When I came to Long Island, my entire support system was approximately 4-5 hours away or more. Even before I found my close group of friends, the upperclassmen Med-Peds residents were so warm and welcoming that I felt supported from my first day here. I’m very close to my categorical peers, but there are some things that only my co-Med-Peds residents understand, and I’m so thankful that I have them." – Suguna Chaganti, MD (Class of 2022)


 "You can get fully engrossed into the categorical programs, but always have your Med-Peds niche." – Faheem Farooq, MD (Class of 2020)




What do you like best about Stony Brook?

"I was attracted to Stony Brook for multiple reasons including location, reputation, and opportunities. What keeps me here in this program, are the people and the culture we have here. The program leadership, faculty, staff, and co-residents are so friendly and supportive that you won't want to leave!" - Belliny Phaeton, MD (Class of 2022)


"I chose Stony Brook (and would choose it again) because the quality of the people here are unmatched by any other program. If you want to come to work with a family at the hospital, with attendings who care about your wellbeing and with other residents who are always looking out for you, Stony Brook is the program for you! There is plenty to do in the area too, we all have a good time and go out when our schedule permits." – Jeremy Grossman, MD (Class of 2023)




What would you tell a prospective resident about Stony Brook?

"If you're looking for a med-peds program where there is a lot of potential to achieve things, that is in a suburban area close to NYC, with a strong connection with both medicine and peds, then this is a program you should look into." - Alex Choi, MD (Class of 2020)


"This is a program that takes resident feedback seriously. I love being in a program where you know that all the program directors (Med-Peds, Medicine, and Pediatrics) have your back and are always willing to work to make this program even better." – Suguna Chaganti, MD (Class of 2022)


"This is a great supportive program to come into. Both medicine and pediatrics program welcome you into their family. In addition, there is a lot of growth happening within the program." – Faheem Farooq, MD (Class of 2020)


What has the Stony Brook experience been like for you?

"As an intern, I believe the two most important things are to be able to ask any question comfortably, while being given enough space to practice autonomy. My experiences at SBU have been both." - Alex Choi, MD (Class of 2020)


"Coming from New Orleans, I've been impressed by all the resources the Stony Brook system has to offer. There are an amazing number of people to reach out to with decision-making and patient care. From attendings and program directors to nurses, social workers, and pharmacists. Everyone is super approachable and willing to help. It makes my job so much easier." - Ethan Rosenblatt, MD (Class 2020)