Adult Neurology Division

Division Head: Patricia Coyle, MD

Vice-Chair for Clinical Affairs

The Adult Neurology Division brings the expertise of dedicated specialists together with enabling technology to deliver state-of art, comprehensive, around-the-clock care for patients with a wide range of nervous system diseases.  The Division is responsible for providing care on 3 inpatient units: general neurology, vascular neurology, and epilepsy, and operates a range of neurology and neurology sub-specialty outpatient clinics with about 18,000 patient visits per year.  Patient care occurs in concert with the training of medical students, residents, and sub-specialty fellows, as well as research aimed at identifying the potential benefits of novel therapies, or optimizing existing approaches to produce the best patient outcomes.

The full-time faculty within the Adult Division of the Neurology Department includes:

Dennis W. Choi, MD, PhD

Patricia K. Coyle, MD

Hanna Czarkowska, MD

Lauren DeNiro, MD

Eugene Gu, MD

Michael Guido, MD

Nurcan Gursoy, MD, PhD

Cara Harth, MD

Agnieszka Kowalska, MD

Yana Krutoshinskaya, MD

Sidhra Mahmud, MD

Adrian Marchidann, MD

Jason Mathew, MD

Carine Maurer, MD, PhD

Rahman Pourmand, MD

Galyna Pushchinska, MD

Guy Schwartz, MD

Saima Siddiqui, MD

Rebecca Spiegel, MD

Olga Syritsyna, MD

Elzbieta Wirkowska, MD

Residency Training
The Department of Neurology offers a comprehensive adult neurology residency training program with many training opportunities both at Stony Brook University Hospital, and the Northport VA Medical Center.