NVITe, or Neurovascular Inflammation Team, is a newly established laboratory at Stony Brook University focusing on translational stroke, inflammation, physiology and behavior. We seek to understand relationships between various components of innate immunity and cerebrovascular dynamics in both preclinical and clinical stroke.

The lab, located at the Basic Sciences Tower (BST) 6-160 in a shared space under the Department of Neurology, incorporates animal surgery, live-animal imaging, advanced histopathology, flow cytometry and animal behavior metrics. We are also developing capabilities for RNA sequencing. NVITe collaborates with multiple groups at SBU, including Bioengineering, Pharmacology, Bioinformatics, Pathology, Physiology, Neurosurgery and the PET-CT imaging core. We are funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Center for Healthy Aging and the Stony Brook University Research Foundation.

NVITe also works in partnership with other institutions, including Northwestern University and Yale University. Eventually, we hope to apply our findings to improving outcomes in ischemia-reperfusion injury as well as other diseases of the central nervous system.



We are happy to discuss possibilities. If you are interested in a position, please reach out to neil.nadkarni@stonybrookmedicine.edu.