Residency General Information

The Neurology Residency Training Programs at Stony Brook are uniquely situated in suburban Suffolk County, Long Island. This location provides an exceptional opportunity, offering an extremely diverse patient population in a peaceful and beautiful setting. Stony Brook University Medical Center serves both insured and uninsured patients and also serves as the County Hospital for Suffolk County. The breadth of diagnoses that are seen here is vast. Additionally, as a tertiary care medical center, residents at Stony Brook provide care for complicated patients referred from neurologists and other specialists throughout Long Island, New York and other states as well. We are also excited to share with you that in 2020, Stony Brook Neurology & Neurosurgery were ranked #41 nationally by US News & World Report! In addition, Stony Brook University Hospital was ranked #10 in New York State! You can read more about our ranking here:  link .

Strengths of the Neurology Training Programs at Stony Brook

  • We are a Categorical Neurology Program. All four years of residency training take place here.
  • Our Program offers an exceptional training experience for residents with an approach not offered at most other Long Island and New York City programs. The closed faculty system in Stony Brook Neurology means that ward teams (consisting of a junior resident, senior resident, assigned attending, medical students and rotators) are responsible for all inpatient admissions and round on all inpatients together. There are NO “private” admissions or "private" neurology attendings.
  • We have a night float system.
  • We have introduced a 5+1 system. This means that for 5 weeks, residents will be on inpatient rotations or VA rotations. On the 6th week, they will have an entire week of ambulatory neurology, including the resident’s own continuity clinic.
  • We have a brand-new Hospital Pavilion that houses our state-of-the-art Neurological Critical Care Unit (NCCU).
  • Our major affiliate is the Northport VA Medical Center, where the focus on neurologic care is mainly outpatient neurologic care, which balances the tertiary inpatient training experience at Stony Brook University Medical Center. The Northport VA offers a modern outpatient department located on a beautiful campus setting (golf course and all!).
  • At Stony Brook, we value resident feedback. Program Directors meet monthly with residents, where residents share comments and input. The Department hosts an Annual Resident-Faculty Retreat which further facilitates exchange of ideas, opinions and discussions regarding different aspects of the residency program. Faculty mentors provide 1:1 opportunity for feedback and support.
  • The Neurology Residency Training Programs at Stony Brook have a strong academic focus and prepare residents fully for board-certified careers in neurology. Didactic teaching is well-balanced with clinical experience and teaching. Upon completion of residency training, our residents are well suited for fellowships in competitive programs or private practice opportunities.
  • Research opportunities are abundant. All residents complete a research project prior to graduation. For some, this is a case-controlled trial. For others, it is a case report on an interesting patient. Residents have elective time that can be spent in any research laboratory at the University (including within the Medical School but also across campus in various related Departments). Our residents are encouraged to submit research for publications or presentation at local and national meetings.
  • We are particularly proud of the number of former residents who have gone into academic medicine. Roughly 70 percent of our graduates now hold full-time academic appointments.

What about our location?

  • We are proud to be part of the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University. All of our residents have ample opportunity to teach and interact with medical students.
  • At our large tertiary care academic medical center, there are 65 ACGME accredited residencies and fellowships, allowing our residents to develop meaningful interactions with trainees in a wide variety of other departments. To learn more about the other graduate medical education programs here at Stony Brook, please watch the video below.
  • We are fortunate to be a part of Stony Brook University and all that it has to offer. This includes the Staller Center for the Arts, University sporting events, gym facilities and pool.
  • Stony Brook is a great place to live and work. A variety of recreational opportunities nearby include theater and entertainment, beaches and parks less than 10 minutes from the medical center, and bountiful dining and shopping venues. New York City is one hour away by car or train, and the train station is 4 minutes from the medical center.


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