Neurology Specialty Centers

There are several specialty centers within the Stony Brook University Neurosciences Institute that provide comprehensive neurological care for a wide range of disorders affecting the brain, spine, nerves, or muscle while also seeking to advance current standards of care though research. Our specialty centers provide you with access to experts who have advanced training and offer the latest in diagnostic tests and treatment. These physicians are supported by dedicated physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, therapists, psychologists and social workers, as well as administrative support staff charged with guiding you through your care experiences. We partner closely with other specialties at Stony Brook Medicine, including: Neurosurgery, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Emergency Medicine, Neuropsychology, Neuro-radiology, Neuropathology, Neuro-ophthalmology, Social Work, and Chronic Pain Management.

Our Specialty Centers include:

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