Medical Student Education

Mind, Brain, & Behavior

This is an integrated pathophysiology course offered in Phase I of the Medical Student curriculum. It is a multi-disciplinary course that encompasses basic neuro-anatomy, neuroscience, pathophysiology, and neuro- and psychopharmacology across a continuum involving clinical pathophysiology of neurology and psychiatry as well.  Additional information for Stony Brook Medical Students can be found on CBase.


The Neurology Clerkship at Stony Brook is a 4-week course that includes exposure to both outpatient and inpatient neurology. Four clinical sites are offered, and students have the opportunity to “swap a week” by spending one of those weeks at one of the other sites. There are weekly teaching sessions and small group sessions, in addition to OSCEs and online educational opportunities. Additional information for Stony Brook Medical Students can be found on CBase.  We strive to get our students as excited about Neurology as we are! 

Dr. Cara Harth received the American Academy of Neurology's Clerkship Directors Teaching Award in 2016


Stony Brook medical students are welcomed and encouraged to do an advanced elective in Neurology. Students may choose to do a 2 week or 4 week elective, and the clinical exposure will vary based on the student’s interests. In addition, students may choose to do an ACE (Advanced Clinical Experience) in Neurology. In the past, students have explored Stroke, Neuro-critical care, Neuropsychology, Consultative Neurology, Ambulatory Neurology, and more.

Non-Stony Brook Students

Medical students from other institutions are also encouraged to do an elective with us. If you are a student at another institution, the best way to arrange for an elective is to complete Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS®) at least 3 months before the date you wish to start your elective. You will be required to have a 1st and 2nd choice of dates.  U.S. LCME allopaths (MD) and osteopaths (DO) may apply using VSAS. All electives must also be approved by the student’s home institution.


At this time, Stony Brook Neurology and Stony Brook University Hospital do not permit observerships for anyone who is not currently a medical student in an accredited allopathic or osteopathic program. 


Stony Brook Neurology sponsors the AAN student group SIGN – Student Interest Group in Neurology. The faculty co-directors are Drs. Kowalska and Manganas.