Breast Surgery Conditions We Treat

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<P>Following is a comprehensive, but not all-inclusive, list of conditions we treat in the Division of Breast and Oncologic Surgery at Stony Brook Medicine.</P>
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<LI><SPAN>Benign Breast Disease</SPAN></LI>
<LI><SPAN>Breast Cancer in Both Women and Men</SPAN></LI>
<LI><SPAN>Breast Cysts</SPAN></LI></UL></DIV>
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<LI><SPAN>Breast Masses/Lumps</SPAN></LI>
<LI><SPAN>Inheritable Breast Cancer and Genetic Predisposition</SPAN></LI></UL></DIV>
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<P><SPAN class=pointer>For information about these and other related conditions we treat, please visit the online <A href="; target=_blank>Health Library</A> of Stony Brook Medicine University Physicians.</SPAN></P></DIV>