Barbara Nemesure, PhD


Barbara Nemesure, PhD
Professor and Division Head, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
SB Cancer Center: Director, Cancer Prevention & Control Program; Director, Lung Cancer Program

Dr. Nemesure is the Director of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program for the Stony Brook Cancer Center and also serves as the Director of the Center’s Lung Cancer Program. She has been a Principal Investigator (PI) on several major research grants for the past 25 years and has established a solid track-record of developing, implementing and directing projects related specifically to cancer over the past decade. These studies include two large, longitudinal NCI/NHGRI funded investigations - the Barbados National Cancer Study and the Prostate Cancer in a Black Population Study, which focused on the identification of epidemiologic and genetic risk factors for breast and prostate cancer. Additionally, she has served as a co-PI and Co-Investigator on 3 other population-based NIH-funded investigations and has led several smaller ancillary studies including evaluations of: i) novel approaches to breast cancer screening; and ii) individual-, socio-cultural- and system-level variables influencing prostate cancer healthcare utilization.

Academic Interests: Cancer Prevention, Lung Cancer, Cancer Epidemiology

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