Barbara Nemesure, PhD


Barbara Nemesure, PhD
Professor and Division Head, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
SB Cancer Center: Director, Cancer Prevention & Control Program;

Dr. Nemesure is the Director of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program for the Stony Brook Cancer Center. She has been a Principal Investigator (PI) on several major research grants for the past 25 years and has established a solid track-record of developing, implementing and directing projects related specifically to cancer over the past decade. These studies include two large, longitudinal NCI/NHGRI funded investigations - the Barbados National Cancer Study and the Prostate Cancer in a Black Population Study, which focused on the identification of epidemiologic and genetic risk factors for breast and prostate cancer. Additionally, she has served as a co-PI and Co-Investigator on 3 other population-based NIH-funded investigations and has led several smaller ancillary studies including evaluations of: i) novel approaches to breast cancer screening; and ii) individual-, socio-cultural- and system-level variables influencing prostate cancer healthcare utilization.

Academic Interests: Cancer Prevention, Cancer Epidemiology

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