Preventive Medicine & Population Health

Division Head
Dorothy Lane, MD, MPH 
Deputy Division Head
Yuri Jadotte, MD, PhD, MPH

The Division of Preventive Medicine and Population Health encompasses research, education and population-based clinical preventive services.  Faculty in the division include those who teach medical students and/or preventive medicine residents and/or graduate degree candidates in the program in public health.  The scope of the research component is broad and examples include: intervention trials testing educational, behavioral and public health interventions or chemoprevention, as well as the social determinants of health and health services research.  The faculty bios include faculty areas of interest, and give a sense of the breadth and depth of the expertise within the division.



Michele Bayley, MPH
Instructor, Program in Public Health
Interest: Family Medicine

Cordia Beverley, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Interests: Cultural competence of healthcare delivery

April Castillo, MD, MPH

Sean Clouston, PhD
Interests: Demography, epidemiology, healthy aging, social inequalities and health, social context, cognitive impairment, physical limitation, longitudinal analysis, global health

Mahdieh Danesh Yazdi, Ph.D.
interests: environmental epidemiology; air pollution epidemiology, climate change, causal inference, exposure assessment

Alina Denham, PhD
Interests: Health policy; Medicaid policy; health equity; racism in healthcare; healthcare access; Medicaid managed care; substance use disorder; quality of administrative health data; conceptual model development; antiracist pedagogy.

Norman H Edelman, MD
Interests:  Health policy with focus on the health care workforce, clinical studies of diseases of the airways [COPD and asthma]

Andrew Flescher, PhD
Interests: Biomedical ethics; Ethics and Health Care Policy; Ethics of Organ Donation; Medical Humanities; Compassion and Altruism; Health Care Justice; Normative Ethics; Moral Theory; Comparative Religious Ethics; Applied Ethics; Ethics and Literature; Drama in the English Language; Philosophy of Religion;  Religion and Culture; Arts, Religion and Literature

Iris Granek, MD
Board Certifications: Preventive Medicine Public Health & GPM

Lauren Hale, PhD
Interests: Social epidemiology of sleep; sleep and obesity; sleep and health; sleep and nutrition; demography; screen time and sleep; sleep health interventions.

Yuri T. Jadotte, MD, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Interests: evidence synthesis, systematic review and meta-analysis; interprofessional collaboration; urban health; cancer prevention and control; social construction of health; salutogenesis and salutology.

Rachel Kidman, PhD
Associate Professor
Social epidemiology; program evaluation; children and adolescents; HIV and AIDS; childhood adversity; social policy; Africa

Dorothy Lane, MD, MPH
SUNY Distinguished Service Professor
Interests: GME, CME, cancer screening, women's health

Jaymie Meliker, PhD
Interests: Epidemiology: environmental, spatial, and general, Human exposure assessment to environmental contaminants, Spatial and spatio-temporal methods and analysis, History of public and environmental health, Sustainable food systems, Health impacts of policy interventions

Jeff Ritter, DBA, MBA
Assistant Professor, Program in Public Health

Sritha Rajupet, MD, MPH

John A. Rizzo, PhD
Interests: clinical outcomes research health economics, economic evaluations

Benny Ren, PhD

Laura Sampson, PhD
Interests: Trauma, stress, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, aging, sleep, cardiovascular disease, social epidemiology, psychiatric epidemiology

Marie Sillice, PhD

Dylan Smith, PhD
Interests: emotional adaptation to illness and disability, interpersonal relationship factors that influence health and well-being, quality of life measurement (including psychometric development of new measurement techniques)

Susan Sommerville
Instructor, Program in Public Health
Interest: Family Medicine



Karin Bengtsson
Preventive Medicine Residency Program Coordinator