Medical Student

Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University went through Curriculum Reform and several members of the Department were active members of the process.  The 2014 edition of the Undergraduate Medical Education Newsletter, Vidya, highlights many aspects of the new LEARN Curriculum.

Medical School Education Committee Work
In addition to leading and teaching in courses throughout the 4 year curriculum, department faculty serve on the Curriculum Committee, Themes & Competencies Committee and Committee on Academic & Professional Progress (CAPP).  In addition, 3 of our faculty were selected to be inaugural members of the Academy of Clinical and Educational Scholars (ACES).  (see more/less) ACES is a community of dedicated and scholarly medical educators whose creativity, energy and innovation will address important issues in medical education for the physicians of tomorrow. ACES’ mission is to develop and promote expertise in medical teaching, educational scholarship, and leadership among the School of Medicine faculty.

Course Work

Phase I Course Directors for:

  • Medicine in Contemporary Society Course (MCS)
  • Themes in Medical Education (TIME) Blocks – 6 individual week long blocks

Small Group Facilitators for:

  • Medicine in Contemporary Society Course
  • TIME Blocks
  • Reflection Rounds in 3rd year clerkships

Required Clerkship Preceptor for:

  • Primary Care Clerkship: preceptors at all 3 practice sites

Elective Course Directors for:

  • Family Medicine Elective
  • Global Health Elective
  • Health Services Delivery Research Elective
  • Integrating Complementary Medicine into Primary Care
  • Law and Medicine: New York Jurisprudence and Medical Students
  • MCS 4 Independent Project
  • Occupational and Environmental Medicine Elective
  • Primary Care Sports Medicine Elective
  • SB Home

Mentors for:

  • SB Home (clinical and research projects)
  • Scholarly Concentration Projects – Our faculty are Chairs of 2 tracks (Medical Humanities & Ethics; Basic, Translational & Clinical Research)
  • Independent Research Projects

Creators for:

  • Special curricular initiatives:  The Stony Brook Teaching Families
    Our faculty were co-creators of 3 of the 5 teaching families: Santiago, Tallock and Yelomos families.  These families aim to enrich medical student learning throughout the curriculum.