Stony Brook Heights Rooftop Micro-Farm

In 2011, the Nutrition Division created the farm through the Healthy Heart Program grant from the New York State Health Department. Located on the fourth floor roof of the HSC, the original 800 square foot farm yielded about 400 pounds of tomatoes, basil, broccoli, peppers, cabbage, and herbs. Expanding to 2,200 square feet in 2012, the farm yielded 1300 pounds of produce, over triple the 2011 yield. The 2015 growing season marks the first year of Stony Brook Heights’ new location on the third floor roof, with ample sunshine and room to grow. The new farm boasts 36 raised beds, allowing for 2,242 square feet of gardening space to be filled with an array of colorful, fresh, organic vegetables and herbs. While the Nutrition Division manages Stony Brook Heights, a largely student volunteer corps helps the farm to flourish. With the additional space provided this year, we have been able to donate produce weekly to the Stony Brook student food pantry and Hope House Ministries in Port Jefferson.

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