Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division Education

In addition to contributing to the education of medical students, the Division plays an important role in the training of residents in our general surgery residency program. Residents have the opportunity to learn current approaches and techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery, including both conventional surgical approaches as well as microsurgical techniques. The plastic surgery indications conference, held once a month, further enhances our residents' educational experience in this subspecialty.

The Division provides training of plastic surgery residents at Stony Brook Medicine, as an affiliated institution in the residency program of Nassau University Medical Center (read more).

For fourth-year medical students, the selective course is designed to familiarize them with basic concepts of wound management, wound healing and clinical principles of reconstructive surgery. Through participation in the operating room and interaction with patients in the office setting, students gain exposure to a wide variety of plastic and reconstructive surgical issues. By the end of the course, each student should be able to discuss basic concepts in wound healing and management as well as gain a basic understanding of the various applications of reconstructive surgery.

Both residents and medical students have opportunities to participate in the Division’s research programs, which offer them experience in both basic and translational research.