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NCI awards universities $8 million grant for AI imaging collaboration

Researchers from Stony Brook University on Long Island, Emory University in Georgia, and the University of Arkansas will work together to develop datasets and tools to support precision medicine research projects that aim to classify patients into specialized cohorts based on susceptibility to particular diseases, the prognosis of the diseases they may develop and their response to a specific treatment. - Health Care Business

Medicine and Research Translation (MART) Building Project

MART Building

Devoted to imaging, neurosciences, cancer care and cancer research, the eight-level 240,000-square-foot Medicine and Research Translation (MART) Building and 225,000-square-foot new Bed Tower will enable scientists and physicians to work side by side to advance cancer research and imaging diagnostics......<Read More>

Bioinformatics Translational Research 

High Performance Computing and Databases

It is highly desirable in research studies to use large datasets in order to obtain robust, statistically significant results, but the scale of an image-based study is often limited by how efficiently image datasets can be processed through image segmentation, feature computation, and classification pipelines. Modern HPC systems provide significant processing power, through clusters of hybrid computation nodes with multi-core CPUs and multiple graphics processing units (GPUs), and memory capacity, distributed across computation nodes or accessible via shared-memory mechanisms. Nevertheless, implementing analysis applications on HPC systems is not an easy task, because of the heterogeneous nature, complexity, and scale of the contemporary systems. Our work researches and develops methods and runtime middleware systems that can carry out high throughput processing of large numbers of images by coordinated use of multi-core CPUs and GPUs on computing clusters.....<Read More>

Stony Brook in Haiti!

Stony Brook University is part of a statewide collaboration involving 10 SUNY campuses and five not-for-profit organizations to establish a sustainable village and learning community in Akayè, Haiti. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has awarded SUNY a nearly $800,000 grant to support the project, which will develop educational, economic and social programs, resources, and other needed services on 40 acres of land donated by a Nassau Community College professor emeritus. <Read More>

SBU Awarded to Prevent Online Security Breaches

A team of researchers in the Department of Computer Science was recently awarded $3.5M by the Office of Naval Research to support “debloating,” a process that could help guard against security breaches that threaten the privacy and integrity of personal data. <Read More>

Stony Brook Receives $4.5 Million Grant to Recruit Leaders in Al and Cybersecurity