Appointments, Tenure and Promotion Committee 2017-2018

Name   Department

Laura Fochtmann, MD, MBI, Chair Distinguished Service Professor Psychiatry

Basic Science
Richard Clark, MD Professor Dermatology/BME
Carlos de los Santos, Ph.D. Professor Pharmacology
John Fleagle, PhD Professor Anatomy
Martha Furie, Ph.D. Professor Pathology
Patrick Hearing, Ph.D. Professor Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Lorne Mendell, Ph.D. Professor Neurobiology and Behavior
Joav Prives, Ph.D. Professor Pharmacology
Irene Solomon, PhD Professor Physiology and Biophysics
Eric Spitzer, MD PhD Associate Professor Pathology

Evelyn Bromet, PhD Distinguished Professor Psychiatry
Marina Charitou MD Clinical Associate Professor Medicine
James Dilger, PhD Professor Anesthesiology
Andrew Flescher, PhD Professor Family, Population & Preventive Medicine
Jerome Liang, PhD Professor Radiology
Luis Marcos, MD MPH Associate Professor Medicine
Margaret McNurlan, Ph.D. Professor Surgery
Michael Pearl, MD Professor OB/GYN
Eric Rashba, M.D. Professor Medicine
John Rizzo, PhD Professor Family, Population & Preventive Medicine
Stephen Vitkun, MD, PhD Professor Anesthesiology
Wei Zhao, PhD Professor Radiology

Nazeeh Hanna, M.D. Professor Perinatology
Aaron Katz, M.D. Professor Urology
Douglas Katz, M.D. Clinical Professor Radiology

Hussein Foda, MD Professor Medicine



Basic Science