Curriculum Committee 2020-21

Name   Department

Mary Kritzer, PhD Chair Neurobiology and Behavior

Basic Science    
Rebecca Batiste, MD Assistant Professor Pathology
Joshua Plotkin, PhD Assistant Professor Neurobiology and Behavior
Stephanie Maiolino, PhD Assistant Professor Anatomical Sciences
Stella Tsirka, PhD Professor Pharmacology

Ana Costa, MD Assistant Professor Anesthesiology
Michael Egnor, MD Professor Neurosurgery
Angela Kokkosis, MD Assistant Professor Surgery
Farrukh Koraishy, MD, PhD, FASN Associate Professor Medicine
Susan Lane, MD Clinical Associate Professor Medicine
Kartik Mani, MD Assistant Professor

Radiation Oncology

Michael Secko, MD Associate Professor Emergency Medicine
Esther Speer, MD Assistant Professor Pediatrics
Eva Swoboda, MD Assistant Professor OB/GYN
At Large    
Elizabeth Garduno, MD Assistant Professor OB/GYN


Huichun Zhan, MD, MS Associate Professor Hematology

Committee Chairs    
Susan Larson, PhD Co-Chair, Phase 1 Committee
Howard Fleit, PhD Co-Chair, Phase 1 Committee
Eva Swoboda, MD Co-Chair Phase 2 & 3 Committee
Lisa Strano-Paul, MD Co-Chair, Phase 2 & 3 Committee

Ex officio (non-voting)    
William Wertheim, MD Dean Dean, Renaissance School of Medicine
Dolores Canella, PhD Associate Professor Associate Dean for Education,  School of Dental Medicine
Moises Eisenberg, PhD Professor Liaison for Academic IT at the Health Sciences Schools
Jessica Koos   Librarian
Richard Iuli, PhD Medical Education Specialist Undergraduate Medical Education Support
Wei-Hsin Lu, PhD Senior Education Specialist Co-Chair, Learner Assessment and Curriculum Evaluation
Andrew Wackett, MD Clinical Associate Professor Co-Chair, Phase 2 & 3 and Assistant Dean of Medical Education
Jeff Swain, PhD Faculty Development Specialist Undergraduate Medical Education Support

Hyun Woo Joo    
Erin Lavin    
Christopher Sabol    
Mark Levine-Weinberg    
Lillian Talbot    


Basic Science