Clinical Settings

  • Stony Brook University Hospital
  • Stony Brook Primary Care Center (PCMH Level 3 NCQA recognition site)
  • Long Island State Veterans Home
  • Department of Veteran Administration Medical Center at Northport Hospital and Nursing Homes (VAMC - Northport)
  • Gurwin Jewish Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center
  • Good Shepherd Hospice
  • East End Neuropsychiatric Association


  • The Stony Brook Geriatric Medicine Fellowship includes clinical block rotations in inpatient and outpatient geriatric care, consultation/surgical co-management unit, sub-acute rehabilitation/long term care, geriatric psychiatry, hospice and palliative medicine, neurology and rehabilitation medicine.
  • Fellows follow patients longitudinally at the Stony Brook Primary Care Center’s Geriatric Medicine clinic, at the Long Island State Veteran’s Home, and through the Stony Brook Home Care program.
  • Fellows attend weekly Geriatrics Clinical Conferences, Medicine Grand Rounds, monthly Journal Club, and other conferences specific to the site of their clinical rotations.
  • Fellows are an integral part of our teaching program for medical students and house staff.
  • All fellows undertake a scholarly project and a quality improvement project during the year.

A comprehensive curriculum covers geriatric syndromes, systems of health care for the elderly, aging principles, nursing home regulations, ethics, and assessment tools.

The first year of fellowship requirements and rotations satisfy ACGME guidelines.

The option of a second year may be used to further expand areas of interest including research in geriatrics, teaching projects or curriculum design, palliative care or to further the Nursing Home longitudinal experience. The format is flexible, allowing for our fellows to pursue academic, teaching and personal career growth. The second year must be approved by the Department of Medicine and Graduate Medical School.

Clinical Training Block

Rotation Duration Site
Acute Inpatient Hospital One Month SBUH
Acute Inpatient Hospital One month VAMC
Medicine / Geriatric Consult Service One month SBUH
Neurology One month SBUH
Inpatient Psychiatry One month SBUH
Outpatient Psychiatry One month East End Neuropsychiatric Association
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation One month SBUH / VAMC
Palliative Medicine and GEMU One Month VAMC
Palliative Medicine One Month Good Shepherd Hospice
Palliative Medicine One Month SBUH
Gurwin Jewish Nursing Home One Month Gurwin
* Selectives One Month SBUH / VAMC / Gurwin

* Selective time may be used for clinical or bench research, subspecialty outpatient clinics, or Quality Assurance projects.

Longitudinal Experiences

Outpatient Continuity Clinic: The fellow will spend 1 full or 1-2 half day sessions weekly at the Stony Brook Primary Care Center in Tech Park and/or Northport VAMC outpatient geriatric clinic.

Nursing Home:The fellow will be assigned to be the Primary Care Physician for a panel of patients at the LISVH or Northport VAMC. They will spend 1-2 half days a week at the assigned institution.

Home Care Visits:The fellows will make Home Care visits throughout the year visiting a patient in a range of settings that include the individual home, an independent living facility and an assisted living facility.